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MOCmaster Arcade-Pod
Published 2 months ago
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This is my arcade pod!
smiling face with open mouth
Feel free to use the Arcade Pod design (as long as you give some credit)!
smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes
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2 months ago
Wow awesome! Could you make me one?
2 months ago
This looks like an arcady version of one of those fortune tellers in a box, like "Zorio the All-Seeing" or something like that XD

I really like that back door
2 months ago
Thanks guys!

I'll make you one MrBrick when I have some spare time!
Also now come to think of it it kinda does look like the fortune thing from 'Big'!
2 months ago
Is it okay for me to use this arcade design to make my own pod?
2 months ago
Thanks guys!
And yeah, you're free to use it as long as if you just say the the design it originally mine!
2 months ago
I'll need to replace the custom prints.
2 months ago
That's Okay!
I was going to to that with mine, but I wanted to post it first!
2 months ago
@MOCmaster Youre welcome! And I just saw Big and realized now the Arcade Pod looks like that fortune teller booth!
2 months ago
WOW !!!
4 weeks ago
Hey MOCmaster, I've got a question for you. I downloaded Blender Lite and I have noticed while rendering that the closer a minifigure or piece is to the camera ( I will call it the camera ) the better it looks. And that the farther away the piece is from the camera, it looks more fuzzy. I am thinking of purchasing Blender Advanced, do you think that will fix the problem?
4 weeks ago
I'm sorry
, but I honestly have no idea, I don't use blender, I use the Mecabricks rendering!
Ask people like ApocalypticBrick and Citrine, I definitely know they use blender!
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