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Time Squad: Meet the Main Characters!
Published 1 month ago
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Cause the Time Travel Story (Named Time Squad) has won the poll for my next story, I’m going to reveal the info on the main characters, The story will release in November but cause there’s no new stuff for stories this month, The Halloween Story will launch on the 30th or 31st October and it will only get a chapter/episode new year,

Now on the Main Character Info!


Age: 11

Based off: Me (Reece)

Favourite Colour: Blue

Description: As the youngest member in the team and one of the leaders among with Nick, Reece tells the team what to do and where to go, He is a kind hearted person and sometimes angry when bad guys get in their path.


Age: 15

Based off: David Raynolds

Favourite Colour: Purple

Description: As the oldest member of the team and one of the leaders with Reece, Nick is usually telling the others to do with Reece, He is kind hearted and sometimes angry when villains get in their path just like Reece.


Age: 13

Based off: N/A

Favourite Colour: White

Description: As the first non-leader member on the team, Penny goes on adventures with Reece and Nick, She is kind but sometimes she accidentally does bad stuff like meeting Villains,
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4 weeks ago
If you didn’t see the voting model then here’s the details for the story.

Scientist Jack makes a Time Machine and the first three people to try it is Reece (Me) who is 11 years old, Nick who is 15 years old and Penny who is 13 years old and they try it then they go to the past and future and they can’t only go to the past and future on Earth but all universes and they also get friends from the past and future like j2fam77 and even a friendly Robot.

If you seen it in the comments in the voting model then the characters ages were 1 year older except for Reece but I decided to make the characters 1 year younger so they can have the same age as the person they based on except for Penny who isn’t based on any person, Also I still have the same age as in the original comment on the voting model.
4 weeks ago
Wow... they are younger than I expected
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