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Ninjago Poster (Pilots)
Published 2 years ago
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so, for the past few weeks i have been working on my version of the Ninja IRL, and i thought what better way to show them than a custom poster. So i give to you my version of a Pilots Poster! all custom faces made by Artfvlly.
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2 years ago
If you would like i have separate folders with each of the Pilot ninja, Nya, Wu, and Garmadon by themselves and in different Gi/outfits.
2 years ago
Ooh this looks cool
I like it
2 years ago
tysm! it really wouldn't be the same without the custom heads you made
1 year ago
I love it!
Whenever I do ninja with actual skin tones, I have Kai and Nya darker
And Cole black
1 year ago
I see that alot and i respect everyone's opinion but i don't see any info in the show that really says Cole is Black and Nya and Kai are Asian. but that's just me
7 months ago
cool model! and in regards to kai and nya being asian, those are well, asian names, just saying.
5 months ago
@jamesdoessomething Thanks!

@ZekarRVO_613 I get that, which is why I did this way, I'm just saying I did a lighter tone instead a darker tone for them
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