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Am I Dying?
Published 1 month ago
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I haven't been that active recently.... I haven't been active at all as of late actually. So what has happened? Am I dying off of MecaBricks?

No. Not yet. I just have had a lot of school and some other stuff (like Blender). But I don't know if my activity will pick up...

So will I die off? I am not dead yet, but I just don't know.

For now, I am still alive, and I plan to stay that way for as long as possible. smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes
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1 month ago
You don't look dead yet... at least, in the model, you're still screaming... just don't die... easy... ¯_(ツ)_/¯
1 month ago
You're probably just busy with 'Real-Life'!
1 month ago
I’m going through the same situation.
P.S. why is there a piece of rope randomly placed in the model?
1 month ago
Don't die bro!
1 month ago
@LU: Yeah, I'm not dead yet. But I won't die easily.

@MM: True, but I've also gotten kind of bored with LEGO currently. Though I attribute most of that uninterest to LEGO Ideas' sucky contests.

@InterBrick: Yeah. The rope is his halo! You guys all know I'm a Saint.

@Calc: True. XD No really, they don't take THAT much time.

@SophieScout: I'll try not to.
1 month ago
TBH, even though I like ManUnited, I kinda finding this (lego Ideas) contest boring!
1 month ago
Yeah, same here, MOCmaster. I still entered twice, but it’s not the best contest.
1 month ago
I don't really like soccer so I'm just waiting somewhat patiently for the next contest.
1 month ago
Except I don’t know anything about MU... or soccer/football for that matter. I had to Google everything for my entries.
1 month ago
Now I realise there is a knife in his chest...
1 month ago
I agree MOCmaster, the Man-U one was such a (boring) disappointment to me. I sure hope the next contest is better.

Ikr? I have never even heard of Man-U.
That definitely wasn't my ideal contest.

@TheRealChonkey: Sure. I'd love that. XD

Wise words Apoc.

@DR: I'm trying! (#.38 Special).

@Jman: Not yet, BUT you sure have an awesome profile. #ThugLife. Mind if I copy that Idea?

Yep. I've been stabbed. Right now I'm in the ER trying to recover, but I am close to flat-lining...
1 month ago
It is, but it is also the band that did "Hold on Loosely".
That is how I feel I'm doing right now. XD
1 month ago
Thanks lol ,and no I don't care!
1 month ago
Coming soon me in Da Hood.

//Watch out fo' da Po.
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