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The Lilac Forest
Published 6 days ago
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Heroes In the Dark: Meeting 6

[Psst: This is for a Lego Life club.]

Part 1: I Trust You

“Eclipse.” Wolf’s voice came over the radio. “Can you return to base? I need a word with you.”

Luna glanced at the other scouts driving ahead of her. “What about the patrol squad?”

“They will continue the patrol. I have already informed them. Return to base, Eclipse.”

Reluctantly, she turned around and headed back for the headquarters, admiring the lively nighttime streets of DrakonsMarket. Lamps illuminated a variety of faces, stars glittering above. Luna wished, for once, that she wasn’t on duty and could walk the streets too.

“Eclipse!” The young SB leader came to greet her, his naturally dark gray hair gold in the lamplight. “Good to see you again, kiddo.” He patted her on the back and smiled, revealing the two pointed canines that gave him his alias. “I have a special job for you.”

Not being a fan of cocoa (to Maple’s disbelief), Wolf made them hot cider. “You performed admirably at the Workshop, hence your pin. I have a small mission for you.” He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, hastily smearing cider on his pants. Luna watched the Shadow Biker leader in surprise. “A mission… just for me?”

“Well, you can bring another member if you’d like. But I want to see what you can do on your own.” He smiled. “You up for the job? I trust you.”

Luna knew the dog had a low chance of survival in the Arctic. Having been two days, it was going to be hard to find a white dog in a roaring blizzard.

Following Wolf’s directions, she found an unusual grove of trees. The trees had purple leaves on birch boughs, and frozen spheres hung off each twig. Luna parked her bike, walking inside the forest. The wind seemed to travel around it, and a light dusting of snow fell from the dark sky.

The explorer lost her dog in the Lilac Forest, Wolf said. Been there, done that. Luna made it to the forest, but it was rather quiet. It would be easy to find a North Silver Dog. For one, its large paws would leave prints, and its large wings made a noise like the tinkling of glass. Luna would know, as Archangel and herself met one many years ago when they were still on the streets.

The thermal scanners built into her helmet showed the entire forest was purple and blues: cold. Even her footprints became a green color as the storm covered her tracks. Luna walked around, flipping between the multiple filters on her visor, but didn’t see anything--

There was something caught on a tree. Luna broke into a run, finding a tuft of fur snagged on a low twig. It was white, but had a pearlescent tint to it, and a feather lay ahead.

She didn’t find anything else. Luna walked in circles, but no clues revealed themselves. Her excitement soon faded to leaving her equally discouraged as before. She took a step away from the forest, towards a looming snow mountain, and her foot sank into the snow, deeper than usual.

Leaning down, Luna noticed a trail of large dog pawprints leading towards the mountain. Afraid she’d lose them if she turned back for her bike, she began to follow the trail.


And that's all of part 1! I just thought you'd want to see the backstory to the MOC. Let me know if it was better to have the story or more distracting with the story. smiling face with open mouth

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