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The Lilac Forest
Published 10 months ago
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10 months ago
@Rubrickscube: really? Thank you! I feel like my rendering skills are just average. I’m still trying to get the hang of it.
10 months ago
I'd say you are a bit above average actually.
Most people's idea of rendering is taking a snapshot in LDD...

No seriously though, that is a really good render; is it done in Blender (I don't see evidence of the Advanced add-on though, do you own it?)
10 months ago
If you need help, I'm the guy to ask.

I make rendering tutorials on my YouTube channel too.
10 months ago
@Rubrickscube: oh, thanks
no, I actually don't have Blender
I wish I did, it seems great, but I just use the renderfarm that's a part of the site. X)
10 months ago
What's your Youtube channel?
10 months ago
@Rubrickscube: Thanks! I subscribed, then realized my school account (which I mostly use for Youtube) has my full name. Oops. So sorry I can't subscribe...
10 months ago
Don't worry, I understand.
Obviously you can still watch the videos (I am uploading another tomorrow), but if you have a normal account, then make sure to sub!

Seriously though, I totally understand.
10 months ago
Weird, the rest of my comment didn’t show. Basically, I can’t wait to see your videos!
10 months ago
Also, if you use a non-Mecabricks emoji, it will cut off your comment.

I'll be putting out a video either tonight or tomorrow night, so stay tuned! It will be about slightly more advanced LEGO rendering techniques for Mecabricks rendering.
2 months ago
Wow, this render is really clear! I love your username by the way!
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