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0rder 66: Chapter 2
Published 3 weeks ago
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Order 66: Chapter 2

Flint was cold. He tried to open his eyes but they seemed sealed shut. He could hear voices from outside wherever he was. There was fighting and laughing and the roar of… an engine? Flint finally managed to open his eyes, but even then, there was still darkness. Flint blinked a few times to clear the blurriness and was suddenly aware of his surroundings. There were tiny pinpricks of light coming through a bag on his head. Realizing he was on a moving vehicle, Flint tried to remember where he was. Was he on a gunship flying to the swamps? Then remembering what had happened hours earlier, was it hours? Maybe days? Flint didn’t know. All he did know, was that his Jedi friend was dead, his soldiers had turned against him, and he had been left for dead by his former comrades. He tried to sit up. He couldn’t move his hands or body. He heard the talking falter while he struggled. Flint paused and listened as hard as he could. A harsh voice announced to the company that “The slave is awake!!”
. . . . . . . . . . . .
More laughing, and then the bag was ripped from his head. Flint winced as light streamed into his aching eyes. The world seemed to take forever to focus. When it finally did, Flint quickly realized that there was no easy way of escaping his captors. He was on a skiff flying over the lowlands of Carm-Trigar, the jungle moon that he had previously been shot down on by clone troopers. His hands were bound tightly in front of him and his upper body was tied with cables to the stern of the skiff. Next to him, was another clone tied to the rudder of the speeder. Apparently, these pirates (Flint assumed that was what they were) were short on places to tie prisoners. The clone was wearing a body glove like Flint. Flint suddenly wondered where his armor had gotten too but didn’t have to wonder long, as a couple feet in front of him, four aliens were gambling over the different segments of it. Flint wanted to yell but he was gagged so he just watched as a particularly ugly pirate won his helmet. Flint gagged as the brigand slid it onto his revolting head.
. . . . . . . . . . . . .
Just as Flint was starting to get extremely bored, the trooper next to him stirred. Flint nudged his foot with his shoulder and continued doing it for a while. When it seemed like the clone was not waking up for a while. Flint stopped. As soon as he did though, the clone fell over and blurted out a string of inaudible words. Flint couldn’t understand most of it but he was able to make out the words “good” and “orders.” The clone stopped mumbling words and pushed himself to a sitting position as best as he could. “What in the name of…” He trailed off looking at his surroundings in confusion. Flint, as quietly as possible, told the other clone where he was and what was going on. The clone stared at Flint as though he was a space slug. “How did you get captured?” asked the disgusted soldier.
“I don’t know” Flint said truthfully.
“Then what is your name?”
“ARC or Reg?”
“Excuse me?!?”
“ARC or reg.” repeated the clone. ARC as in the highly elite soldiers that helped command the Grand army of the republic, or Reg. As in regular Clone trooper with nothing special about them.
Flint was offended now. “Regs and ARCs are just as special.” “They both fight for the good of the republic and the—” “Empire.” “What?” Asked Flint. “Empire” Repeated the other clone. “Not the republic, the Empire” Flint now stared at the clone as if he was a space slug. “What do you mean Empire?” But he never got an answer, as the pirate with Flints helmet on came over with his buddies and untied them. The pirates jerked them to their feet and pulled them to the helm of the skiff, where Flint assumed the leader was.
. . . . . . . . . . . . .
The leader was a very buff trandoshan who looked like someone had taken a dull vibrosaw to his face. The leader stepped forward as they approached. When he spoke, his voice sounded somewhat similar to the roar of a gunship. “We have taken you prisoners in our… Organization.” The other pirates snickered at this. “You will serve us as slaves for the rest of your scummy lives.” Flint saw the other man flinch at this. “And don’t even think about trying to escape because if you do, you will die a disgusting death.” Flint knew that Trandoshans hunted wookies and that wookies had an obsession with ripping limbs off of enemies. Flint hoped that this Trandoshan hadn’t picked up some habits. As the leader talked, Flint was, in fact, thinking about how to escape and he had just noticed several crates of weapons probably salvaged from a battlefield. Flint was just about to nudge the other clone when he noticed a small tattoo on his neck. The tattoo read A.R.C. Flint realized that this clone was an advanced recon commando. He nudged him anyways and discreetly pointed to the crates. The ARC trooper slowly nodded and backed up ever so slightly towards the equipment chests. Flint knew that he had to do something to delay the pirates from stopping the arc trooper, so he grabbed the nearest pirate and slammed his head into his knee. The pirate teetered, spun on the spot, and keeled over into one of his buddies. The buddy lost his balance and careened over the side of the skiff. The other pirates stared at where the pirate had been before he fell, then slowly panned over to the unconscious pirate, and then across to Flint.

Released this a little earlier than planned but... I will probably get bored of writing the story after a while, and then I will actually put them out every 2 weeks or so.

Thanks for reading! I will make a model with all of the chapters on it so that anybody who didn't read the previous chapters can tune in.

Tell me if anything stood out to you! or If something is bad, constructive critiscism is welcome!

Sorry about the Trandoshan XD

All Chapters can be found here https://www.mecabricks.com/en/models/GVjK6EDm2nz
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3 weeks ago
Rip, Good chapter though,
can't wait for more!
154 models | 6.7k views
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