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Ninjago: Into Orbit: Episode Five: Dark Secrets
Published 2 months ago
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Previously on Ninjago, King Galamore studied The Guide of Protection, while the ninja trained outside of the palace. Viral left the group in order to try and uncover what the king might be hiding from them, but King Galamore figures out Viral’s plan and will have to find him before the ninja get concerned.

*Inside the Palace of Galamorphia*

Lloyd: That might have been our best training session we’ve had, so far!

Cole: I’ll bet! Now, is it just me, or has Viral been gone for a really long time?

Nya: You’re right, Cole. There’s no way he could’ve taken this long to get a drink! What if he got lost in the palace and can’t find his way back to us!

Jay: Not to worry, guys! All we have to do is split up and search throughout the palace until we find Viral!

Lloyd: That’s actually a great idea Jay!

Jay: We’ll, when you put it that way… oh fine! I’ll just take that as a compliment!

Lloyd: We should split into two groups: me and Zane as group 1, Kai and Cole as group two, and Jay and Nya as group 3. Alright, let’s find Viral!

*The ninja split up and begin their search for Viral*


Prince Galamus: You asked to see me, sir?

King Galamore: Yes, Galamus.

Prince Galamus: What is it?

King Galamore: Listen, I don’t want you to think too hard about this, but if something happens to me one day, I want you to know that everything I own will become yours.

Prince Galamus: What?

King Galamore: Kings like me don’t live forever and if I fail to do what’s best for my people, then I wouldn’t want anyone but you to be the one to carry out my plans. Do you understand?

Prince Galamus: Yes, King Galamore, I mean Father. I will not disappoint you.

King Galamore: I know, son. I trust you.


Zane: What would be our best option at this moment, Lloyd?

Lloyd: I think we should ask the guards to help us. If anyone knows their way around this palace, it would be them!

Zane: Excuse us, but have you seen our friend? He went missing earlier today.

*Zane creates a holographic image of Viral*

Galamorphian guard: I’m terribly sorry, but I have not seen your friend. I will let the king know to look for him immediately.

Lloyd: Thank you!

*Somewhere else in the palace*

Viral: (Sigh) Where’s could King Galamore’s room be? I’ve been looking for so long that the ninja are probably worried! Wait, this room has two doors! This has to be it!

*Viral opens the doors*

Viral: And… this isn’t the throne room. But maybe I can find something in here. I just have to be careful!

*In the dining hall*

Kai: Seriously, Cole? The dining hall? Why would you suggest that we look for Viral in here?! Unless you’re craving another Galamorphian Ooze Cake!

Cole: Because Viral said he was going to get a drink, so I just thought he’d most likely be in this room!

Kai: Well, I guess that makes sense. Or, maybe Viral didn’t leave our ninja training session to get a drink! Maybe he left so he could try to expose the king!

Cole: But he told us that he would quit being suspicious!

Kai: And you believed him?

Cole: Fair point. What do we do, now?

Kai: I think we need to bring this to King Galamore’s attention. Right now!


Jay: We’ve looked everywhere, Nya! There’s no way we can find Viral in such a big palace!

Nya: What are you talking about? We only searched through a single room!

Jay: But to me, it feels like we’ve went through every single room!

Nya: Hey, didn’t Cyrus Borg tell us that we have communicators on our Astro suits, in case we get separated?

Jay: Yeah! I’ll try calling Viral and hopefully he’ll answer!

*Jay calls Viral and his communicator beeps*

Viral: Aah! My communicator! I gotta silence it before I get caught!

*Viral punches his communicator until it stops beeping*

Jay: He didn’t answer! Something has to be wrong!

Nya: Then we need to tell the others that we had no luck. Come on!

*In the unknown room*

Viral: I’m not finding anything in here! Hold on! A book with a glass case on it? Now we’re getting somewhere! It should only take a tiny blast to break this thing open. (Whispers) Shockwave!

*Viral’s shockwave hits the glass case and shatters it*

Viral: Bingo! Now, what’s inside this book? (Gasp) This is the book King Galamore found! Let’s have a look!

(Viral reading from the book) “Notes: Thanks to this book, I now know the hidden powers of my staff. Using it, I will have enough energy to power the Galamorphian Crystal, and with it, I shall wipe out every living being in Ninjago and claim the city as mine!

Viral: No! This can’t be true! King Galamore really is —

*King Galamore enters the room and turns on the lights*

King Galamore: — Evil? You know what they say, “the truth will set you free!”

Viral: But what do you want with Ninjago City?

King Galamore: This may be a surprise to you, but Galamorphia is the smallest planet in the galaxy. Us Galamorphians have always fought against other planets, but we were never strong enough and gained nothing. We struggled to survive on this planet because we didn’t have the resources we needed. But after the ninja told me how great Ninjago is, I knew that it would be the perfect place to conquer and call my new home!

Viral: You can try, but I’ll show the ninja your notes and we’ll put a stop to your plans!

*Viral starts walking away, but King Galamore grabs his arm and stops him*

King Galamore: If you do that, then I will make sure that neither you or any of the ninja will make it off of this planet alive! And it will be all your fault, so make the right choice!

Viral: Fine! But this isn’t over, Galamore!

*Viral leaves the room and puts King Galamore’s book in his side pocket*

King Galamore: Oh, but it’s already over for you! Ha ha ha ha ha!

*Later, Viral returns to the bedroom*

Nya: Viral! You’re safe!

Kai: What happened? We looked everywhere for you!

Viral: I… just got lost. King Galamore found me and helped me find my way back here. That’s all.

Lloyd: Well, we’re just glad that you’re okay! And it’s all thanks to King Galamore! He really is a great guy!

Viral (Sarcastically in a sad tone): Yeah. A great guy…

Cole: Are you alright, Viral?

Viral: Huh? Yeah, I’m fine. I’m just going to lay down and get some rest.

*Viral flops down on his bed and the book falls out of his pocket*

Jay: Looks like you dropped something, Viral. I’ll get it!

Viral: Huh? Jay, don’t!

*Jay picks up the book and looks inside it*

Jay: (Gasp) Oh my gosh! I don’t believe it!

Viral: Oh no! This is bad! Really bad!

*Jay takes the notes out of the book and shows it to the ninja.

All of the ninja, except Viral: King Galamore plans to destroy Ninjago?!

*Then, King Galamore enters the room*

King Galamore: Ninja! I just wanted to check in and see if you —

*King Galamore notices the ninja reading with his book*

King Galamore: You fool! I warned you what would happen if you revealed my plans!

Viral: But I didn’t reveal your plans! It fell out of my pocket! I swear!

King Galamore: Do you really think I believe you?

Lloyd: This whole time, you were planning to destroy us all? You’re not a humble king who cares for his people! You’re just the complete opposite!

King Galamore: Yes. Looks can be deceiving! It was only a matter of time until my dark secret was revealed, all because your stupid friend couldn’t stay out of my business!

Viral: How dare you put the blame on me? Take this!

Zane: Viral, wait!

*Viral charges at King Galamore and leaps into the air, ready to attack. King Galamore raises his hand and stops Viral in mid-air.*

Viral: What the —? I can’t move!

King Galamore: I didn’t mention it before, but I have powers, too!

*King Galamore uses his telekinetic force to throw Viral into the wall*

Viral: (Groans)

Ninja: Viral!

Viral (Weakly): I’m… fine. I can still fight!

Lloyd: No, Viral. You need to rest. We’ll handle this!

King Galamore: So, this is how it’s going to be? Then bring it on!

All of the ninja, except Viral: Ninja-Go!
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