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Heroica: Moltor Canyon
Published 4 months ago
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by the 7313 Micro Pigz

Add-on set for the LEGO® HEROICA™ game.

In the vast inferno known as Moltor Canyon, the sinister Lava Lord watches and waits. He draws his strength from the stolen Eye of Elsoon Khan, a mysterious and magical tool of the elders that gives its beholder the power of mind control. If not stopped, the Lava Lord will soon carry out a vile plan to conquer HEROICA™ and control the minds of our Heroes! Do you have what it takes to fight your way past skeleton soldiers, defeat the Lava Lord and his feared winged serpent, and return the Eye of Elsoon Kahn to its rightful place?

• Ranger (1 blue figure)
• Thief (1 black figure)
• Wizard (1 red figure)

• Skeleton Soldiers (3 gray figures): Strength 1
• Skeleton General (1 purple figure): Strength 2
• Lava Lord (1 yellow figure): Strength 3
• Winged Serpent (1 large monster): Strength 4

• Teleportation Potion (2 purple bottles): If you move on or through a space occupied by this potion, you pick it up and add it to your inventory. You may use the potion at any time in the game during your turn, but each potion may be used only once. When the potion is used, you must place the bottle cap on your occupied space. During the remainder of the game, you may use a turn to move from your location back to the space occupied by the bottle cap (in essence, “teleporting”). Use of this potion is ideal for escaping battles or quickly moving from one location to another.

• Treasure Chests: If you move into a space with a treasure chest, you must end your move in that space and search it. Roll the LEGO Dice again to find out what happens.
o Shield – Find 2 gold pieces.
o Sword – Find 1 gold piece.
o Skull – Lose 1 health.
o Sword & Skull – Find 1 gold piece and lose 1 health.

• Lava Rocks: You may not move through lava rocks. If you move into a space adjacent to lava rocks, you must end your move in that space and explore them. Roll the LEGO Dice again to find out what happens.
o Shield – Pass through the lava rocks to the first available space on the other side.
o Sword – Remove the lava rocks and put them back in the box.
o Skull – Move back 1 space away from the rocks and lose 1 health.
o Sword & Skull – Move back 1 space away from the rocks.

• Eye of Elsoon Khan: If you defeat the Lava Lord and the winged serpent, you may claim the Eye of Elsoon Khan. This magical relic enables you to control the mind of a monster and have it fight for you. It may be kept between missions or sold for 2 gold pieces. If kept, you may use the Eye once per game as a weapon in battle. By rolling a “Shield” during a battle, your Hero may swap spaces with any monster on the board with a Strength of 1 or 2 (except the monster you are fighting). You can then finish the battle by using that monster to fight for you, as if it were your Hero. If the monster wins the battle, you must then swap spaces back and can no longer control that monster. If the monster dies during battle, the monster is put back in the box and you must return your Hero to the space to finish the battle.

Moltor Canyon can be played as a standalone set, and is also designed to connect between Waldurk Forest and the Catacombs of Ilrion. Or, simply connect it anywhere you wish on the HEROICA™ map!
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