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Mira HQ---Among us
Published 1 month ago
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I will add on to this as I go, improving it along the way. Comment and like and you will be featured as a character. The first two will get imposter, the next will get crewmate. Likes will get a model link posted below. I will tackle the map before I tackle the characters. I am making a list of colors (I will use all twelve because it means more people featured!):
Green: NINJACATZ, Crewmate, green fedora, no pet.
White: A7X, Imposter,astronaut helmet, no pet
Purple: Digital_Guy_4, Imposter, Space dog, stickmin mask.
Red: BrickGuzy, Crewmate, beanie, mini crewmate (sorry all imposter slots filled)
Blue: Haze Huski (CataclysmCreates), crewmate, wet floor, no pet
Cyan: TheFatRat(justeenz170b9ek's nickname), crewmate, fedora And stickmin mask (For some apparent reason), Mini crewmate.
Brown: Empty
Lime: (Dat_Boi_Scopes) Ya_Boi, Top hat, Crewmate, No pet.
Black: (KyleFenning7) Kyle, Crewmate, Mini crewmate, Axe in head.
Pink: Empty
Yellow: Clif, Spoopy Bag, crewmate, no pet
Orange: Lax_Swag5, Imposter, Egg head, No pet
Comment on your color, hat, and pet. Also one person will get ghosted so...yeah...
Rooms completed: Decontamination, Locker room, laboratory, communications, Medbay, Storage,Cafeteria, Balcony.
Also finally If you are going to comment why not like? It helps me as a creator and supports me so I can finish this build and others!
Credit to Remixer who made these characters! I hope you don't mind me taking them... Here is a link to one of his builds:https://www.mecabricks.com/en/models/1XjdnO6ga8b
Right now we currently have nine people in this build!
By the way, KyleFenning7, here are some basic instructions to make a model in the workshop: On the bottom of your screen should be your brick padlet. search for the brick and click on it to make it appear in the workshop. on your right should be the colors, and above that will be the move tab. click on that. Using this tool you can move you brick or piece more precisely, or rotate it in degrees.see the arrows that appear when the brick is in red? Use those to move the brick. use the s key to snap the brick onto other bricks. Finally to move around, right click and drag, and to rotate the screen, left click and drag. I hope you find these basics helpful!
Also, Cakery and KyleFenning7, do you want to be featured in this build? If so type in your color, pet, nickname(If any), and hat!
Well, Well, Well. looks like someone finally did something polus-related. https://www.mecabricks.com/en/models/kOjLyxopvx6
Also here is a random Minifig I just made for Ditigal_Guy_4's adventure! https://www.mecabricks.com/en/models/JV2yzBXljyQ
Googlor, as long as you have the link to this model and give credit of the set to me, then its fine.
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2787 pieces
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1 month ago
Yes, I'm definitely not an Impostor, If I was then I wouldn't be one, 'cause I'm not one, Even if I was I wouldn't say that I wasn't, 'Cause I'm not, it's impossible, implausible...
1 month ago
(I'm white btw) Hm, yes, red sus
1 month ago
I wanna be Imposter. Orange, egg head
1 month ago
I call green with green fedora
1 month ago
Gimme an astronaut helmet
4 weeks ago
Cyan: TheFatRat, Crewmate ,Fedora, Stickman mask
4 weeks ago
Yellow with Spoopy Bag, please! I like the idea!
3 weeks ago
Red: Beanie, Mini Crewmate, Imposter
2 weeks ago
Wow, great job on this! Among us is epic aa (I play as blue with a wet floor sign and the name Haze Huski :-0)
2 weeks ago
This is a cool picture! Hi, I just joined, what's this place about?
2 weeks ago
Hi, welcome to Mecabricks! This is a LEGO CAD site, where you can create LEGO models by going into the workshop!
2 weeks ago
Oh cool! I hope my sets will look good, because I'm not very good at sets IRL.
2 weeks ago
You can publish models, comment (duh), and if you build something skilled enough, get featured! Which is cool, but it needs to grab attention, something I tend to fare poorly at.

Oh, and also, customize your comments with
2 weeks ago
Don't worry about it! A lot of people have used this site to grow and get better. I mean, I know I have!
2 weeks ago
Wow! not even 5 minutes here and I'm already being welcomed here! thx so much!
2 weeks ago
2 weeks ago
If you need anything, just know that you can come to me for help if you need
2 weeks ago
You can also ask me for help aswell, but I might not know as much as them...
2 weeks ago
Thank you, I'll make sure I remember that!
2 weeks ago
Sure! just PM me!
2 weeks ago
Oh, thanks so much man! um... can I be black? my nickname could be just Kyle, and can I have a mini crewmate? Hat, uh... an axe in my head XD thanks dude!
7 days ago
If stickman is impossible then u can do is give me the mini crew
2 days ago
Ok if I use this set to create a video in blender?
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