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01.7 - Caught
Published 2 months ago
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01.7 - Caught

[Project |0]
[All Chapters Are Found Here:https://mecabricks.com/en/models/xov7DXG6a0D ]

General_Veers had a bad feeling about this. The bot was still standing still in the crater.
“Fools!” the bot exclaimed. They both immediately realized that this wasn’t the bot speaking anymore. Something else was speaking to them through the bot.
“This is the T-6 prototype data guard, designed to withstand at least a megaton,” the bot said.
“What is a megaton?” LEGOminis asked.
“Because I didn’t know if the T-6 prototype would survive the energy strain of increasing its potential to the maximum, I reduced it to a fourth. But seeing how you had trouble against just one fourth, let me increase it to maximum. It will be a good test to see if the T-6 prototypes can survive that,” the bot said, ignoring LEGOminis’ question.
“Rude,” LEGOminis mumbled from behind General_Veers.
“But now that the IDS system has been activated, I can finally perfekt my guards!” the bot continued. Then there was silence. General_Veers blinked and then the bot was gone.
“Wait… Where did it go?” General_Veers asked. There was no reply. He looked back. Instead of seeing LEGOminis, he found the blacked bot in front of him. Surprised, he took a step back. The bot had moved and attacked LEGOminis in the literal blink of an eye. The bot moved towards him with the speed of a bullet or even faster. That was the last thing General_Veers remembered.

The_An0nym took out his communication device.
“Happy, wiz, you there?” he asked. There was a pause.
“Yep,” Happy097 said through the device.
“Good. Somewhere there should be a user that has a body that exceeds the usual format, meaning he or she is much taller, bigger,” The_An0nym said.
“You mean Cakery?” Happy097 asked.
“Wait… You found him already?” The_An0nym questioned.
“Yep,” Happy097 replied.
“Okay… the IDS and firewall have been activated because of him and will soon appear. I’d suggest to gather a data crystal and change his sig-fig or somehow transfer his body into a standard minifigure format. Only when this is done the firewall and IDS will deactivate,” The_An0nym explained.
“What do you mean?” Happy097 asked.
“Get wiz on the device,” The_An0nym said.
“Okie dokie,” Happy097 said. It took a few moments before WizardBuilds1’s voice was heard over the device.
“What is going on?” he asked. The_An0nym explained what was going on.
“So we should basically shrink Cakery?” WizardBuilds1 asked.
“Basically… It is a bit more complicated,” The_An0nym said.
“Okay… We also found BrickAssassain7,” WizardBuilds1 said.
“Good. After you found two more users you can split up again,” The_An0nym said, and turned the device off. He then called General_Veers.
“Veers, you there?” The_An0nym asked. He didn’t reply.
“Veers?” The_An0nym asked. Again, there was no reply.
“Veers!” The_An0nym said. He heard a shot fire and then there was a constant static noise.
“Flip,” The_An0nym mumbled. He stood up and started to run down the hallways.
“Slimmy, you there?” The_An0nym asked. There was only static noise to be heard, the sign that the communication device had been destroyed. He pulled out his tracker and checked their locations. Only Happy097 and WizardBuilds1’s locations showed up. The_An0nym had to decide. General_Veers or SlimBrick1’s group. While trying to make a decision, The_An0nym powered up his hoverbike.
“You’ll have to wait for a while, Slimmy. Hang in there,” The_An0nym mumbled as he drove into the direction that General_Veers and LEGOminis had gone. The old hover bike that had survived the new system’s takeover had belonged to the old system. The_An0nym hoped it would be fast enough, although it sat very uncomfortably and was a bit small. He hope that LEGOminis and General_Veers were alright.

[End of 01.7]
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2 months ago
D0 you 1hink i c0u|d us3 1t to 3xper1ment?

2 months ago
SpaceBuilder101 - Thanks!! & Mabe... You have my permission

SlimBrick1 - Thank you!!
2 months ago
*Gasp* Oh no!
Great chapter, as per usual!
2 months ago
Oops... I'm so eager to know...
Very interesting to read as always!
2 months ago
General_Veers - Thanks!!
2 months ago
Can’t wait to finish the series...
2 months ago
SebastianButton.lego - Thanks!!
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