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1721-1: Sandypoint Marina Value Pack
Published 11 months ago
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Set no. 1792 was already presented on Mecabricks, I believe, but I still rebuilt it from scratch, plus added two missing sets.

The inventory is 99.9% accurate; besides decorations and one substituted torso, I only had to use a regular rubber belt instead of a missing band. The rest of all three builds is identical.

1. https://rebrickable.com/parts/rb00167/rubber-band-15mm-square-cross-section/

1. https://rebrickable.com/parts/4864ap04/panel-1-x-2-x-2-with-palm-tree-print/
2. https://rebrickable.com/parts/973c27h01pr0073/torso-vest-with-patch-pockets-over-white-shirt-print-white-arms-yellow-hands/
3. Stickers for set no. 1792: https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=1792stk01&#T=C&C=0
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This set no. 1721 'Sandypoint Marina Value Pack' came out in 1994, clocking at 150 parts and including three mini-sets from the Town's "Leisure" subtheme.

It was only released in North America, with all three models exclusive to the package (as far as I know), which was typically the case for most "Bonus/Value Packs." A sturdy resealable box features a triple front artwork and prepaid one-year LEGO Builders Club Membership as a bonus (yellow cutout card on the back). All three manuals came in one booklet.

'Sandypoint Marina' is very similar to the 'Cactus Canyon Value Pack' no. 1720, also released in '92 with three "Leisure" sets.

=1790: Shark Fisherman=
The tiniest set has just a fisherman with a rod standing on a little dock, plus a shark.

=1791: Windsurfer & Van=
With 68 parts, 'Windsurfer & Van' was the largest model. It features a small cargo van for transporting a disassembled windsurfer: a rolled-up sail goes in the back (held in place with a tiny rubber band), while on the van's roof, there are two holders for a two-piece mast. Both doors open, as well as a cabin's roof and a rear cargo door.

The car is decorated with rare 2x2 wall panels with a "palm tree" decal only ever available in two "Paradisa" '92 sets. Ironically, the surfer's bare white torso with yellow hands and arms, which at first glance might appear so basic, only ever came in this Lego set. Numerous Classic Town minifigs wore a black sleeveless top, same as white shirts with long sleeves—but this particular outfit somehow remained practically absent.

=1792: Pleasure Cruiser=
The 'Pleasure Cruiser' comes close to 'Windsurfer Van,' also clocking at 60+ pieces. The last build features a non-floating, mid-sized motor yacht. (As a matter of fact, it doesn't really have any visible engine parts or propulsors.) There's a sunroof hatch to access a lower cargo deck and an arch carrying two antennas and searchlights above the captain's seat.

The yacht originally had two blue coach stripes (self-applying stickers), which are missing.

Even though it lasted for 15 years, from 1981 till '96, "Leisure" was only marketed as a separate Town's subtheme in the UK and Continental Europe. Meanwhile, most of these sets came out as part of a general "Town" lineup on the North American market.

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1720: Cactus Canyon Value Pack (1994)

6563: Gator Landing ('96)

6552: Rocky River Retreat ('93)

6334: Wave Jump Racers ('96)


1817: Sea Plane with Hut and Boat ('96)
An airline promotional set with a somewhat similar setup.

1843: Space/Castle Value Pack ('96)
An example of the Value Pack featuring sets from different themes.

6411: Sand Dollar Café ('92)
More beach fun from the "Paradisa" theme.

4644: Marina (2011)
One of the "waterfront" sets from the modern CITY era.
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