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21311-1: Voltron
Published 2 years ago
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LEGO® Set 21311-1 — Voltron


It’s time to defend the universe so get ready to form LEGO® Ideas 21311 Voltron, the biggest buildable LEGO mech ever! This awesome set features buildable and highly posable black, blue, yellow, red, and green lions with specially designed, extra-strong joints to combine them all and create the Voltron super robot, plus a huge sword and shield that attach firmly to Voltron's hands.

Ideal for display or to recreate thrilling action from the original 1980s animated Voltron TV series and the modern DreamWorks Voltron: Legendary Defender series.

Features 5 buildable and posable lions that can be transformed and combined to create the giant Voltron super robot.

Play with the lions individually or combine them using extra-strong joints to form Voltron—the black lion forms the head and torso; the red and green lions form the arms; and the yellow and blue lions form the legs.

Includes a booklet with building instructions, plus information about the set’s fan creator and super force of LEGO® designers.

Voltron, when assembled, measures over 15” (40cm) high, 5” (14cm) long and 8” (21cm) wide.



I am very excited about this set! It is basically the mash-up toy that I've needed in my life for over 30 years. Lots of nostalgia for me, combined with LEGO goodness!

It should go without saying, but the real set does not contain bricks to make duplicate copies of each lion. For artistic and display purposes, I've decided to render the set both with its component lion mechs and the combined Voltron robot.

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2 years ago
I will try to make this part soon. We just need to find good scans/photos of the sticker sheet and decorated parts to complete this beast.
2 years ago
Added 14769d100
2 years ago
Thanks, Scrubs. Updated to include the new "hubcap" prints. Let me know when the other prints and parts are done and I'll drop them in, too. Cheers!
2 years ago
All decorations and stickers added.
2 years ago
You're awesome! All prints and stickers have been incorporated into the model.
2 years ago
I added part 90630 to complete the set.
39 models | 10.1k views
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