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69 Dodge Charger Daytona - Indie 500 Edition (Ep.5)(Reusing Bolids 2)
Published 2 months ago
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This was the king of Nascar and Inide races of the 60s / 70s par excellence, since a powerful engine and a hard chassis are a valid combination, since before there was no way to make such a light car, Surely you will know the Daytona by Cars But it's not really a Daytona, it's a Plymouth Super Bird from the same year.
The model that inspires me was driven by a certain John Pointer, who won many prizes with this car, until after 75 this car was proven in races ...

John Point daytona:

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2 months ago
Cool car!!
Yes, the Dodge Charger Daytona looks identical to the Plymouth Superbird!
2 months ago
Both of the axles are clipping with part 10247. Might want to try part 2817 as a replacement
4 weeks ago
Could have been done better, but good job regardless!
4 weeks ago
@ M.L.B
No offense, I will speak as clearly as possible, this goes for you and many ...
If you think you can do better, do it.
But don't pimp on me, saying in front of everyone that you can do better.
And I don't know anything else, I've been here for 2 years, and you've only been since July, you come to me as a pimp ...
4 weeks ago
Now don't immediately take that personally, Ferranbricks. Don’t pop a "Oh, so you think its bad? Do it better then" response. "It could have been done better" is a fairly common response and it doesnt deserve such a negative reply.
4 weeks ago
I'm not saying it personally ...
I say it Globally,
Come on Cakery, you've been here longer than I have and you know what I mean ...
4 weeks ago

I repeat, it is not personal, it is a matter of Education among People.
I will not enter you saying in a creation of yours, saying `` It could be done better ''.
Because maybe you get offended because you put the desire and part of your time into it.
4 weeks ago
You have to understand that "it could be done better" does not mean that the commenter can do better, nor does it deserve the negative connotation response. There is no perfect Lego rendition of any real non-Lego objects, and on top of that, it is normal for not everyone to like a model.
4 weeks ago
Look, we better leave it like that, because this is not worth arguing about ...
4 weeks ago
Excuse me, I'm doing a morning course and I'm "Zombie" and I don't even know what I'm doing ...

Perdoand I will have misunderstood, my fault.
4 weeks ago
All right.
4 weeks ago
I applaud your online design, yes well done, But I never said I personally could do better so don't judge on me. Im just stating my opinion.
4 weeks ago
Also i mean no hard feelings, your designs are great! Especially loved the mustang so created it with actual lego bricks (white with orange sides in profile picture) I’m just a very big car person.
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