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Mecabricks mini models!
Published 2 months ago
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As it has been a long time since I made a model on here, I thought as I have the time being at home instead of at school, I would do something for you guys! Suggest an idea for me to make you a model under 80 bricks! I will give the model to you and list it here. Stay safe everyone in these times! Thanks for viewing this!
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2 months ago
I like that gecko! Try making some microscale spaceships! They're a lot of fun.
2 months ago
Ok, I'll try and make two microscale spaceships!
2 months ago
Mini movie scenes.
2 months ago
wow, thats an idea and a half! I could try and make one. What theme/movie?
2 months ago
@MrBrick I went for the iron man mk 2 flight scene, as I know you like marvel. I hope thats ok?
2 months ago
Hmm.. I say make something deceivingly hard.

Make an *accurate* Rubik's Cube.

All colors. Same number of squares. All legal build techniques.

I have done it, but it is hard. XD
2 months ago
I tried the other day, but the best I got was the dice one above. I can try again, but it may be half a day or so before I get my head around it! Does it have to move?
2 months ago
Sorry Rubricks, The 3x3 rubik's cube is probably not possible to build with under 100 pieces, as just the total of the colour bricks will add up to 54, already going over half the bricks allowed. that would make it insanely difficult to build the insides as well. I hope you understand. You said you had done it before, but how many bricks did you use?
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