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70911-1: The Penguin Arctic Roller
Published 3 years ago
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3 years ago
I just opened the box to make the pieces for this set. Batman minifig parts are already available. I'll make the rest soon.
3 years ago
I just noticed that the spring shooter 1x4's are absent in the front there.
3 years ago
Thank's, I have added the spring shooter....
3 years ago
I added the missing parts/stickers and cleaned up the model (I guess it was a LDD import). This is all complete now.
3 years ago
Tried the advanced template of Scrubs again, this time without any HDR!

Please decrease the finger print amount, it looks like k_lego_r ate some very greasy chips when "building" the model!
3 years ago
Every setting is tweakable. Just change the value for FIngerprints if it doesn't perfectly suit what you want to achieve.
3 years ago
*rerendered the scene. I decreased the fingerprints to 0.005 (default settings at 0.05) and the large scratches to 0.1 (default settings at 0.2). Now the overall look is much more acceptable in my opinion. Also increased the depth of field to get a more blurry (but not defocused) effect on the outer vehicle areas.
3 years ago
Looks great now! To make it even better you can duplicate the black material to increase the roughness and assign it to the minifig hats and arms
3 years ago
*another rerender. As Scrubs suggested I increased the roughness of the arms and Batman´s head dress to 0.2 (default settings at 0.05) and the Penguin´s hat to 0.1.
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