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Euro 2016
Published 3 years ago
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Who is going to win the european football competition Euro 2016? smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes
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3 years ago
I need to watch the highlights of Italy-Spain. It was in the middle of the night for me.
I started to watch England-Iceland before going to work. 1-2 so far. Will it be the second brexit? lol
3 years ago
So Brexit No.2 has happened... France-Iceland is the last quarter final. I will arrive late to work on Monday morning!
3 years ago
Updated! soccer ball regional indicator symbol letter g + regional indicator symbol letter b waving hand sign
3 years ago
Meanwhile in the Copa America, The US makes it to the semifinals... only to fall flat on their faces twice. That game against Argentina was flat out embarrassing.

Euro has been interesting to watch, though. I might have to catch Germany-Italy.
3 years ago
Yep it will be an interesting game. Will Italy be able to make it twice and send Germany home after Spain? I am not going to ask Zanna as he might be a bit biased!

Chile won the ca2016 and Argentina fell again in the Final. Looks like Messi is never going to win anything with Argentina lol
3 years ago
I heard about the missed penality kick by Messi Face with open mouth

Eheh, never say never Scrubs! Last years Italy wasn't very strong, this time we have a new and able coach! smiling face with open mouth Then, I'll never forget the 2006 match in the Wolrd Cup black heart suit

Let's see and cross fingers!
3 years ago
Or the final of euro2000 for me lol
3 years ago
It took me a while to see that the background of your rendering was made with LEGO pieces. Just realising now...
3 years ago
Update? face with stuck-out tongue
3 years ago
Done face with stuck-out tongue
This evening it's our turn..! Go Italy! regional indicator symbol letter i + regional indicator symbol letter t
3 years ago
Goodbye Italy crying face loudly crying face
3 years ago
I will arrive late for work again on Friday...
3 years ago
Dfb vs France
It will be interesting )
3 years ago
Scrubs! France is in the final! smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes
3 years ago
I hope we'll see a great final next sunday night.

Allez les bleus !
3 years ago
I'll be in front of my TV on Monday morning winking face
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