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SET DRAFT | Ultra Agents: The Battle of Coleport
Published 2 years ago
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This is a set draft for a LEGO Ultra Agents set that could have been released as part of a tentative third wave of Ultra Agents sets. Basically, this is a MOC, and will never be a real set. It has about 550 pieces.

The set, entitled "The Battle of Coleport," would represent the "official" tie between Ultra Agents and the Agents/Agents 2.0 themes. The set features the return of Gold Tooth, a villian from the Agents theme, as well as the return of Agent Fuse, also from the Agents theme. Fuse was the team's computer, electronics, and explosives specialist, and was also a talented pilot, while Gold Tooth was a villainous henchman of Dr. Inferno. My story is that despite the many years since the defeat of Dr. Inferno, Gold Tooth continues wearing his henchman's overalls as a tribute to his evil boss, and that the Ultra Agents brought Agent Fuse out of retirement as he had encountered the golden-toothed villain before.

The sets builds are meant to represent "Coleport" the port/harbor district of Astor City. The set includes:
-1 red shipping container, the interior featuring Gold Tooth's hideout

-1 blue shipping container

-Gold Tooth's motorcycle, made from salvaged pieces of his old motorcycle

-A harbor crane, featuring cabin with seat and crane controls, a ladder for cabin access, and a crane arm with cable and hook for moving shipping containers.

-A small crate filled with priceless treasure—AKA Gold Tooth's target

-The Supersonic Jet once piloted by Agent Fuse, redesigned by the Ultra Agents for this new mission

-A Flight Cycle, with driving and flying modes

The set also includes 4 Minifigures: Agent Fuse, Agent Max Burns, Gold Tooth, and a Crane Operator.

I figure that if this set was really released it would be priced about $70-$80, because of the high number of "large" pieces.

What do you guys think? Leave any suggestions for improvements in the comments.

I'm considering building this in real life and selling it as a real set? Would you be interested?
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