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Andrew Lacard's Backstory, Chapter 7: Firefight
Published 2 months ago
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AL: "I dunno why yer' so worked up, I mean, I got this. Eyes up front, hands on 12 n' 6, keep the rocket engine flowin...."

GI: "But this isn't a----oh, you've gotta be freaking kidding me"

AL: "Eh, what's wrong THIS time?"



GI: "I KNOW!!!!!"


AL: "Well, complainin' ain't gonna do nothin. Find a way ta ground it, I'm too busy flyin'"

GI: "What do you what me to do, throw a KNIFE at it?"

AL: "I mean, there's gotta be SOMETHING in this bomb we can use. Dang Krauts like ta jam-pack their planes 'n tanks with EVERYTHIN'"

GI: Huh, you're right. Found a hammer and some other stuff. Mechanics must have left them in here. This still doesn't help us though...."

AL: "Hammer, you said? uh.....Hah! Got It! Alright, get ready ta cut the engine off!"

GI: "WHAT?!?!?!?!"

AL: "Can you DO that!!?!?"

GI: "Well, if I bang off the front part, the back attachment will rip off due to speed and----Ah, I see where you're goin'"

AL: "Good. Now, just gotta look back, line it up, say a few prayers, and uh......NOW!!!!!


AL: "Ya got 'im?"

GI: "Hehe, yeah. The guy was goin' too fast to turn, anyway."

AL: "Nice, and just a quick question, nothin too important, uh....how many wings do ya need to fly this?"

GI: "Both...of them?"

AL: "Oh.....looks like one's got a hole in it. Yeah...that's a pretty big hole."

GI: "Alright, no need to panic this time, we'll just bail out. There should be some special place for parachutes somewhere

AL: "You mean where all these tools are now?"

GI: "Yeah, right th.....


Sweet son of a----"

Next Part: Coming soon....

Credit to LegoWilderness for letting me use the German decals on the ME 163, and credit for the ME 163 goes to....me. I made it just to destroy it for this XD
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2 months ago
Oh I love this one more than anything. Not only does it have one of my favorite planes of all time, but the comment "Dang Krauts like ta jam-pack their planes 'n tanks with EVERYTHIN'" Is so true XD. And seriously, I really love the build. It is accurate, and the way transparent parts are used it great.
2 months ago
Mind Boggling scene!
It's Amazing!
2 months ago
Cool story (only read this part and the one before)

One scientific inaccuracy though: If they broke of the engine, THEY would be the ones to slow down and the engine would keep going due to its thrust. The inertia of the plane, at that speed would not be enough to counteract air resistance and would quickly lose both velocity and altitude, while the engine would simply fly forward and downward ahead of them (it would likely gain speed since it was no longer pushing the entire craft but only its own weight, however since it no longer has any lift it would also fall due to gravity)

But this is way cooler, so sorry for nitpicking that detail
2 months ago
Uh, gravity? the bomb can still glide down to accelerate without an engine; in fact, the plane shown in the back, the ME 163, had to rely on gliding to land after using up its 8 minutes worth of fuel.

As for the engine, assume it's turned off/deactivated. Should work, idk, I've never tried to cut off the engine of a V1 rocket in midair. Also not sure how the engine can fly downward if it's mounted on TOP of the bomb.

Dang you for bringing physics into this XD, Hollywood movies get away with more BS than this and I'm not even allowed one cool stunt
2 months ago
Sorry, I didn't mean the plane would fall faster than you were implying ^ I was just comparing its velocity to the engine's. And if the engine was off, than actually it would fall back in comparison to the craft as it has less inertia. I didn't think of that

Yeah, there was really no good reason to bring physics into this. Carry on, don't mind me!
2 months ago
Amazing story! Awesome job, dude. You really nailed it this time.

Thanks for using the decal, man.
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