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05.0 - Grenade Launcher
Published 4 months ago
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05.0 - Grenade Launcher

[Project |0]
[All Chapters Are Found Here: https://mecabricks.com/en/models/xov7DXG6a0D ]

“He stopped again,” The_An0nym said. Mayotron9 almost mistook it for another direction until he understood what he had said.
“What is it?” Mayotron9 asked.
“BlackBlade stopped again, but my sixth sense tells me that something is about to go horribly wrong...” The_An0nym said.
“Maybe you're just worried because LEGOminis and General_Veers will be caught so that your plan will add up?” Mayotron9 asked.
“Maybe… Let me double check something,” The_An0nym said, and went silent.

“Are you okay?” BackFlame49 asked.
“Ugh, no...” LoganLin replied. He looked upon the unconscious body of General_Veers, and then Duckduckguz who was still clutching his side, but his sight was blurry.
“What happened here?” BlackFlame49 questioned.
“Attacked by Minis, who is now brainwashed into some weird Onzil,” LoganLin said.
“Onzil?” BlackFlame49 asked.
“I’ll explain later,” LoganLin promised. Duckduckguz slowly stood up, still clutching his side.
“Are you okay?” LoganLin asked. Before Duckduckguz could answer he tripped. BlackFlame49 wanted to catch him, but was just a fraction too late. Duckduckguz fell face forward onto the hard ground. BlackFlame49 helped him stand up again, and this time Duckduckguz didn’t trip.
“We should probably get out of here before anyone notices us,” BlackFlame49 suggested.
“Are you seriously proposing to escape with two injured, of which one of them can barely walk, and two unconscious bodies?” LoganLin asked.
“Why would we take them with us?” BlackFlame49 asked.
“Because he’s one of us, just brainwashed, but I’m sure we can… wait a minute, did you say them?” LoganLin asked.
“Yes, them, as in ‘both’. The last I checked, the Orange guy was trying to mess your face up. And it was General_Veers who betrayed me,” BlackFlame49 said.
“Wait… He betrayed you?” LoganLin asked.
“Didn’t he tell you? I freed him from his own prison, just so that he could hunt me down,” BlackFlame49 explained, anger rising up in his voice.
“But General_Veers would never do something like that! And what prison?” LoganLin asked.
“They were both stuck in such capsules,” BlackFlame49 said, pointing to the capsule General_Veers had been stuck in,”And why he betrayed us is beyond me,”. LoganLin was about to reply, when his earpiece came to life.
“You need to leave that place, now!” The_An0nym yelled into his ear.
“What was that?” BlackFlame49 asked, inspecting LoganLin’s earpiece.
“Anon. He told us to leave,” LoganLin said.
“Okay, let’s go!” BlackFlame49 said, waiting impatiently for LoganLin to come with him.
“Wait! We should take the others with us!” LoganLin replied.
“I already have my hands full, and you can only carry one of them, so the choice is up to you,” BlackFlame49 said, and walked out of the room. LoganLin looked to the unconscious General_Veers, then to OrangeOnzil. ”It was General_Veers who betrayed me”, Echoed through LoganLin’s mind. He had decided. He approached OrangeOnzil and tried to carry him, but his side hurt too much to carry anything, much less a whole body. So he started pulling him out of the room. With his face directioned towards the unconscious OrangeOnzil, he dragged him out of the room. Just as he was around the corner he bumped into something. Before he could turn around, a hand tapped his shoulder and a voice exclaimed full of excitement,”You’re it!”
“Wha…?” was the last word that escaped LoganLin’s mouth before he collapsed next to OrangeOnzil; unconscious.
“Where the flip is that flipping portal?” Cakery asked himself. He knew that he had taken a wrong turn somewhere along the way, and was now hopelessly lost. The directions to find the portal still spilled out of his mouth, unwillingly. The guard crashed into his back, forcing him on his knees. He knew his armor couldn’t protect him forever, and the guard probably knew that too. Cakery tried to stand up again, but the guard pressed him onto the ground with his weight.
“Get off me!” Cakery exclaimed and flung him off his back. He had almost forgotten he had super strength, since he hadn’t been able to hit him since… never. The guard hit the wall, but was already fully operational by the time he hit the ground. Cakery ran. He didn’t know what else to do. He had no chance of winning in a fight since the guard was way too fast for him. But he also knew that he couldn’t run forever. That's when he heard it. Inhuman giggling, and mumbling. The guard punched into the side of his head with the speed of a jet plane. Cakery heard something crack before he hit the wall. That’s when he saw a figure from the corner of his eye. The figure was walking in a weird way before he came to a stop. His grin was too wide for a normal person, and his eyes were never looking in the same direction, much less focused.
“Who are…?” Cakery asked, but couldn’t finish his sentence before it happened. Everything went way too fast for Cakery’s eyes to comprehend, but he got the gist of it. A blur moved forward to attack the stranger, which was probably the guard. Before he had arrived at the figure, the figure took a gun from his back, which hadn’t been there previously, and shot the guard before the guard could reach him. The blur slowed, and Cakery could now clearly see the guard; A bullet stuck in his forehead, his armor cracked. Cakery also noticed that the gun the stranger was holding wasn’t any of the modern laser weapons he had seen until now, but a gun from the real world.
“How did you…?” Cakery began, but couldn’t finish this time either. The guard got up, meaning he had fixed his armor, and attacked again. This time the stranger, who was now getting strangely familiar to Cakery, replied by pulling out a grenade-launcher. Before Cakery could protest a fierce explosion roared. Smoke filled the room. Cakery’s ears were ringing and his head felt like it would explode. His armor was heavily damaged. After the smoke cleared, Cakery could see the broken pieces of the guard, which probably meant that it wouldn't bother him for a while. LegoMaster6383, on the other hand, had vanished without a trace.

[End of 05.0]
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4 months ago
Awesome! Another chapter
4 months ago
I should make a battle damaged me for the story
4 months ago
legomaster6383 - There is no need to do that
But if you're motivated to do so, then I won't hold you back
4 months ago
may need to because the launcher damaged me
4 months ago
May i ask how many notifs you got while you were out I'm guessing 215
4 months ago
Seb - Hard to tell since I came back a few times to check if everything went fine, but surprisingly I didn't get that much notifications
4 months ago
WizardBuilds1 - XD Glad you enjoyed it
4 months ago
Wow, didn't even notice you were back! Awesome chapter!
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