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Published 10 months ago
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So I got a new software that Dr. Light (my Creator) came up with, Now, with the new Omega-X upgrade, I have the strange looking Jetpack built into my back, and a special Thunder buster ability that allows me to Charge my shots Longer than normal for maximum power, Upon testing it on a stone wall. Little did I know I was in for a surprise....
Dr. Light (DL): (Through radio) With this new upgrade, your Buster has a special power boost. You can charge shots longer than normal for MAXIMUM power!
Thunder Man (THM): Is this thing SAFE?
Mega Man (MM): Don't worry. I've seen it in Action before. Its powerful alright, and its safe. Doctor Light says I should get the Upgrade when he has another one ready.
THM: Okay... Here goes nothing..
SFX: (Sound of humming noise,) THOOM!
SFX: BLAM! Crash!
THM: Okay then... I guess you weren't kidding about this thing's power.
SFX: (Sound of Lightsaber Turning On)
THM: What was that? (Raises T-Buster)
SFX: (Sound of Humming noise)
THM: YOU! Hold it right there!
Sira (Credit: Wynter_Studios02): Who are you?
THM: No.. It can't be... It's impossible...
Sira: What?
THM: My long.. lost... Padawan?
Sira: What are you talking about? My Master's DEAD!
THM: No he's not. He's right here. (Removes Helmet)
SFX: (Sira Gasps)
Sira: No... way....
Sira: You came.. back to... life?!
THM: No. I am not human. I am an Android.
Sira: If you are truly my master, lift these Stones without touching them with anything.
THM: You are trying to test my abilities in the Force, aren't you.
Sira: ... (Speechless)
THM: I thought as much.
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10 months ago
What? Shocked?
I had the name planned out for a long time. When I drew the suit, it was a LOT more elaborate with more designs, but i couldn't put them into Mecabricks so I had to just go the colors.
To get the Multicolored minifigures, you have to use Mini Upper/Lower Parts 2K. Those allow you to put TWO colors on the Arms and the Legs. Perfect for making Robot Masters.
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