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Lego "Hall of Fame" Museum
Published 1 year ago
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Parts: 2700+
Minifigures: 102
100% designed and built from scratch (besides, obviously, the official minifigs)

It all started after I put together a few sets from Lego's "Vintage Minifigure Collection"—which contained some period errors and, in my opinion, didn't do justice to the most iconic Classic Town-era characters.

From the idea of "fixing" it, by making an improved selection of maybe 8 to 12 old-school minifigs, perhaps on simple decorative stands, it rapidly grew to this pretty substantial build, my largest published MOC so far.

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The LEGO System "Hall of Fame" includes a permanent exposition and an annual ceremony indoctrinating two new minifigs—one nominated by an expert panel, plus the "people's choice" selected by City residents.

My build only covers the museum's interior. From the outside, as I imagine, the LEGO Hall of Fame is likely a vast square-ish structure, with one ground floor. Perhaps a pyramid, like an American "Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame" in Cleveland, Ohio. Or an intricately decorated rectangular building, something between the Russian Garage Museum of Contemporary Art in Moscow and Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago:


The model consists of three main sections: a Classic hall with core LEGO System expo, a newer and smaller "Modern Era" exhibition, plus an Awards Hall where the annual ceremony is taking place:


Located in the left building's wing, the "Classic Era" exhibition has four galleries, each with three rooms. Besides the famous Minifigures, representing various iconic 1987-'98 subthemes and factions, there are plenty of additional displays and stands portraying weapons, tools, and other relevant accessories.

=Gallery One=

• '89 Captain Redbeard
• '93 Cop
• '94 Spyrius Droid
• '96 Cavalry Colonel

=Gallery Two=

• '92 Chef
• '94 Islander
• '95 Royal Knight
• '97 Boney (from the "Time Twisters")
• 'The Beatles' Room—with a 2016 quartet in a custom glass case, vintage radiola, jukebox machine to play some unreleased "Yellow Submarine" outtakes, and various memorabilia

=Gallery Three=

• '89 Imperial Soldier
• '92 Octan Driver
• '94 Helicopter Pilot
• '96 Exploriens Spaceman
• '96 Dark Forest Archer

=Gallery Four=

• '87 Race Driver
• '98 Dr. Kilroy
• '94 Octan Racer
• '96 Sheriff
• '96 Bandits



Opposing the "Classic" hall, there's a recently opened "Modern Era" exhibition with two galleries showing some notable contemporary minifigs in redesigned glass cases.

=Gallery 1=

• 2018 Octan Racer
• '19 Firefighter
• '20 Surfer

=Gallery 2=

• '14 Arctic Explorer
• '16 Astronaut
• '19 Paramedic
• '01 Gryffindor Knight Statue (in "Harry Potter" diorama)
• '75 LEGOLAND Minifigure



The Awards Hall is packed tonight, as the annual 'Hall of Fame Indoctrination' ceremony is hot in action! The first winner of the night, '93 Ice Planet Chief selected by reputable LEGO experts, just set his foot on stage where two hosts hand him a Golden Minifig prize.

There's a Director's Booth in the corner, with Director behind a mixing board orchestrating live TV broadcast, alongside his Assistant. Cameraman operates a professional camcorder on a rotating stand, while accredited Photographer works from the audience's point of view.

Per the ceremony's protocol, immediately upon receiving the prize and giving their speech, nominees should walk straight into the gallery to enter their personal display case. Until the names are revealed, Red and Yellow Stubmen act as placeholders.

As Commander Bear speaks on stage, you can see a couple of LEGO Employees with a ladder back in the gallery, erecting a transparent orange saw as a designated "Ice Planet" symbol, while Red Stubman walks off. There's even a press crew documenting this historic moment.

The second winner's case is yet to reveal its mystery...

=Full list of Awards attendees=

• '84 Black Falcons' Knight
• '90 Forestman with Forestwoman
• '96 Dragon Knight
• '87 Blacktron Astronaut
• '91 Blacktron II Astronaut
• '92 Captain Magenta
• '94 Spyrius Chief
• '07 Astro-Pilot
• '91 Construction Worker
• '93 Police Chief
• '97 Infomaniac
• LEGO Ideas Minifigure
• Vitruvian Minifigure
• 5x Celebrities

'96 'Time Cruisers:'
• Dr. Cyber
• Timmy

'97 'Time Twisters:'
• Baron Blomberg
• Commodore Schmidt
• Time Twister



There are also a few notable scenes happening in museum galleries, as well as a hallway space:

=Santa Clauses Debaucle=
Like any other public event, this year's Hall of Fame Ceremony didn't happen without scandals: a 2019 Santa Claus felt an impostor is stealing his limelight—a random guy with a fake beard in a red bandana, pretending to be the "original" '98 Santa. From words, they went straight into the action, to the amusement of a few visitors and even a paparazzo photographer.

=Classic Spacemen Interviewed=
Back in the 'Classic Space' room in Gallery One, a few astronauts are discussing the just-announced "Ice Planet" nomination with a reporter:

• '87 Futuron Spaceman
• '92 Space Police II Trooper
• '94 Spyrius Trooper

=VIP Delegation=
Business never stops in Lego CITY, so a Vice President is meeting with Very Important Minifigures in the hallway. Two investors from South-East Asia and middle-eastern Padishah (accompanied by an ambassador) are about to shake hands on some big contracts.

=Retired LEGOLAND Veterans=
Two first-generation '78 minifigures, now long retired, brought their grandson to the museum. A younger LEGO Representative rushes in to snap a couple of selfies with them for Hall of Fame's social media feeds.

• '78 Firefighter
• '78 Shell Gas Station Employee


I would appreciate comments and feedback!
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