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6540-1: Pier Police
Published 1 year ago
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The build is ~97% accurate: two baseplates are missing, each substituted with a rather large MOC assembly, plus three more parts (all pretty rare in real-life).

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This set no. 6540 'Pier Police,' known as 'Harbour Patrol' in the UK, came out in 1991—a perfect example of the early nineties' Classic Town architecture. It was part of a brand-new "Nautica" subtheme's launch (On the British market, the name of the theme was "Harbour.")

The five models' line-up was pretty epic, headlined by a 'Launch & Load Seaport' set no. 6542—the largest Town model ever made, clocking at 1020 parts. (In the nineties, only very few Lego models surpassed the 1k mark yet). Next was a very similar 'Intercoastal Seaport' set no. 6541, just downscaled to 550 bricks.

The 'Pier Police' was Nautica's third model by scale, with 350 parts and four minifigures. Curiously, just a few pages later in the Lego catalog was another Police Station, part of an ordinary "Police" theme (or "Rescue" in the United States, which covered both law enforcement and firefighters). While it makes sense for a cargo port to have its own police authority, this decision only adds confusion to an already complex and multilayered timeline of various rescue-themed sets in the 1990's Lego Town.

The police station is a compact but very neat-looking building; there's something so appealing about the savory and inventive approach Lego designers had to apply in the 1990s, with a smaller variety of bricks and decals available for interior decorations and accessories. Take the built-in tape recorder in the second floor's office wall—how cool is that?! I wouldn't mind a tape deck in my room's wall, frankly. Or a "megaphone" as a stand for the roof's PA loudspeaker, another unconventional solution.

The radio tower to the right from the building has two pretty rare Lego parts: a 1x16 lattice ("Train Signal Mast" #4168), and a perpendicular 2x2-1x4 bracket #2422 holding it. Both only came with a dozen sets, mostly "Trains" models, and these days, it will cost anywhere between $10 and $30 to get one on BrickLink (based on the condition). I had to replace it with a MOC-assembly.

Four police vehicles came in this set. There's a decent-sized Patrol Boat (with a cargo compartment beneath the deck), a tiny Speedboat, a rather wonky and chubby-looking Patrol Car, and a Police Motorcycle. The patrol boat's design is similar to another "Nautica" set that came out in 1993, 'Coastal Cutter' no. 6353, but it has smaller dimensions and a much simpler towing mechanism in the back (just a spool with a string).

The bike's (missing) windshield is another rare and expensive Lego part, only used in a couple of "Police" sets in the early eighties and discontinued after the 'Pier Police' in 1991. Thirty years later, in mint condition, this Lego part goes in the $25-70 range.

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6353-1: Coastal Cutter

6399-1: Airport Shuttle (1990)

4536-1: Blue Hopper Car

1772-1: Airport Container Truck

1774-1: Aircraft
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1 year ago
I love the simplicity of the older sets....

But I do love Jurassic World!
1 year ago
@Kallischmann I only remember it from reading the catalogs as a kid, hehe. So it was a blast to build it here!
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