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Character for the Lightbringers
Published 4 months ago
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Name: Gabe Mullins

Age: 16

Favorite color: Green

Quirks: Loves to sing, write, explore and camp. He likes cats and loyal dogs, loves reading, is goofy, and is a die hard ASTROS fan.

Personality: Quiet yet can be overly silly. He is cautious, and thinks things through. He may be prone to doubt, and needs someone to build him up again. He can, when around others, explode with annoying energy. Kinda emotional… or if you want me to just give the MBTI score… then he’s an INFJ.

Interests: Baseball, music, camping, martial arts (though he doesn’t know any), and pizza.

Hometown: He was born in Nashville, but his parents moved to a good chunk of land in the middle of the green Tennessee mountains.

Backstory: He has been homeschooled by a Christian family in the mountainous terrain of Tennessee for as long as he can remember. Having no siblings, he spends most of his time outside reading, exploring, taking care of his two cats or dog, or contemplating his faith. His faith means a lot to him, however he can often let his feelings overtake that, which causes different points of pain during his life. He has a close relationship with his dad who often goes on business trips for his work. He sometimes spends the night in the 12 year old tree house located somewhere on their property, he loves that building to pieces.
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4 months ago
Great! This is a great character.
4 months ago
@SnapStudios... yeah.... it wasn't intended too... but I needed a good flannel shirt... and something like a scarf to add more green into the character... I totally hated the fact that it did, but didn't see anything that would fit better. Actually, I was basing him after myself in some ways... except for the eyes... in reality my eyes are blue... but I kept them green in hopes of gaining the green stone... if you don't understand that just read the discussion in the Lightbringers intro.
4 months ago
Your new PP looks awesome BTW!
4 months ago
@SnapStudios Thanks a lot! Operator011 did it for me... he went through a lot of messy computer problems to make it.
4 months ago
@SnapStudios Man I'm facepalming myself... I saw your sig-fig again when reading LW's latest chapter, and realized how close this guy actually is to yours... maybe I'll change the skin tone.
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