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My SigFig (TheTinyTurbo)
Published 1 year ago
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Behold, my tiny plastic counterpart!
I'm a young rookie race car driver who's a lover of all things four-wheeled and fast. I live in the bustling world of LEGO City, where I'm quickly realizing that normalcy is nonexistent. (Seriously, what's with all the prison breaks?!) My love of speed has had the unfortunate side effect of me having to pay off a lot of speeding tickets. But hey, not everyone can say that they were pulled over by THE Chase McCain.
I'm determined to become the world champion racer. I've beaten some of the best, from local egomaniac Tread Octane to globe-trotting leader of the Daredevils racing team, REX-treme. The only thing standing in my way right now is the current world champ: That pesky pro driver Rocket Racer.
My talents on the racetrack have caught the attention of the head of the Octan racing team, who's constantly trying to recruit me. But I've always thought that there was something fishy about Octan...
When I'm not tearing up the track or tuning up the cars in my expansive collection, I like reading, doodling, and hanging with friends.
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1 year ago
Nice model and render
Love how your provided info on your background too!
1 year ago
Thanks, Artfvlly! I felt that a SigFig was long overdue for me.
1 year ago
Is that Street Maniac!? I'd recognize that car any day, I remember getting that one when it was still in stores. Any chance we'll be seeing the 3D model of it on MB?

Also, love that the racing suit matches the original livery of the car. Good stuff!
1 year ago
Thanks, TrainOfThought! Good eye! Yes, I did base my racing outfit and the car in the latest rendering on the Street Maniac. It's probably my favorite of the Tiny Turbos designs. I never owned the set when it came out, (I was still at the age where I probably would have lost half of the pieces anyway) But I always loved how it looked. I'm actually working on decals for my 8 wide scale version of the car right now. It's a slow process, but I think It'll be worth it in the end. And yes, I'll be sure to post the finished product.
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