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Creed Chapter 8
Published 2 months ago
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Alright! So, Creed has returned! And with another character arc!!! I'll discuss the future of Creed. But for now, here's the chapter! Enjoy!

Sabre walked out of the transport and back onto the corvette.
“What did the general say?” the trooper asked.
Sabre took a deep breath, “He said we needed to find those crystals. And that he’d be coming to help the search.”
“General Skywalker’s coming here?!” the trooper exclaimed.
Sabre nodded. An officer ran up to them.
“Commander,” the officer said urgently.
“What is it, captain,” Sabre asked.
“A Remnant Star Destroyer just jumped in.”
Sabre’s face whitened, “Get us out of here, now!” He yelled.
The officer nodded and spoke something into his wrist comm. A few moments later, they were safe in hyperspace.

Aboard the Remnant-class Star Destroyer Vengeance

General Rayl watched as the hyperspace lines faded into real-space. It was a beautiful transition. Especially when it wasn’t in the middle of a battle. He was the Remnant’s youngest General, only being 29. He had been a squad leader, but the other Generals had decided that he was competent enough, and the Remnant was desperate enough that they promoted him. Hearing Commander Vayrin’s footsteps behind him, he turned to greet her.
“Commander,” Rayl said, “What news?”
“A New Republic corvette just jumped into hyperspace out of our sector,” Vayrin responded.
Rayl grimaced, “Let’s hope they think we were here to attack them. Send out 2 Interceptors and 1 Defender to scout the area for other New Republic ships.”
Vayrin nodded, and walked off. Rayl turned back towards the viewport and watched as 7 other Remnant-class Star Destroyers dropped out of hyperspace. Even from a distance, he could see the many modifications that had been made to Star Destroyers. The Empire was no more. In its place, stood the Remnant. And with that change, came a change in strategy. The Remnant obviously needed some new blood, as they were still trying to use the same tactic that was being used during the glorious days of the Empire. Most of that new blood was on Rayl’s Destroyer, but he and his crew had taken charge of several Remnant attacks, all being as successful as the last. Rayl and several former Imperial generals had found a shipyard in the Unknown Regions. Using this shipyard, he modified their capital ships to have more anti-starfighter weaponry. Rayl knew that the New Republic’s strength was in starfighters, so he had countered that. He had also resurrected the Tie Defender program from the early years of the Empire. He walked over to where the holo-comm was. He activated the holo-comm and watched the 7 Remnant Generals appear one-by-one.
“Well,” Rayl said, “Let’s get started, shall we?”

Aboard the Restaren

Jaiken slowly maneuvered the Restaren into the hangar on Resham V. This was his first time piloting the ship into the hangar. He had flown in space dozens of times, but his father had always landed. Luckily, the ship landed smoothly and Jaiken breathed again. Kaden put his hand on Jaiken’s shoulder.
“Good job, kid,” Kaden said.
“Thanks,” Jaiken responded.
Jaiken got up and left the bridge. He helped unload the boxes out of the hold and into the hangar. Resham V was a perfect place. It was deep into the Outer Rim, bordering on the Unknown Regions. It was also a beautiful planet, with lush green forests and shimmering lakes. The hangar that the Restaren was parked in was carved out of the side of a mountain beside a lake. They had finished unloading the crates, and Jaiken stopped and took a breath.
“Umm, guys?” Alice suddenly asked. “Why is that crate humming?”
Jaiken stared at it. “It’s not,” he said.
“Yeah it is. It’s humming.”
Jaiken gave Corvin a questioning look. Corvin merely shrugged in reply. Kaden drew his blaster and opened the crate. The thermal detonators weren’t activated, but when Kaden moved a couple of them and froze.
“What is it?” Aryn asked.
“Kyber,” Kaden responded. “A lot of kyber.”

Right! I told you I'd talk about Creed after the chapter, so here I am!! Anyways, so. Creed will be continuing, but in a slightly different format. Close to the beginning of the chapter, I introduced the character of General Rayl. Well.......... I started writing his arc for the story, and then kept writing. and writing. And writing, so now I have almost 2000 words of his arc, so the next couple chapters will just be in the Remnant arc, instead of doing Mandalorian, New republic, and Remnant. But I'll go back and catch up the New Republic and the Mandos. Cool? If not, you don't have to read it.
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2 months ago
Awesome! Nice hint about Alice there . . . .

I like this new Rayn character. Good point about the Imperial Remnant needing to change their strat. A lot.
2 months ago
And yeah, they do. I wanted to have a competent, and actually likeable Remnant officer.
(Also, Rayl, not Rayn.)
2 months ago
daaaaaaaaang thats a detailed star destroyer command center/cockpit/whatever its called! good work!
2 months ago
@Gman, You're welcome!
2 months ago
@JUSTY: Thanks! I had a template, but I remodeled it. (I don't remember where I got said template.)
2 months ago
Amazing job for both writing and design of the whole scene !
2 months ago
G-man: It's Rayl? *skims over story to find mention of said name* Oh . . . for some reason, when I read that word, the "L" makes an "N" sound in my head. I have no idea why, I think it might be the weird order of "YL." You don't really see that combo anywhere else. Strange . . . .
2 months ago
It's fine. And yeah, it is a strange name.
2 months ago
this is a great story, love the writing, and how you added all the SW references,
and the builds are great!!
1 month ago
(can't believe i forgot to comment on this

Okay, so I really, Really, REALLY like this new direction! Keep it up!
1 month ago
Thanks! Another chapter about Rayl should be out this week.
1 month ago
Well, I say chapter, but more like a small model with a short chapter, and then a huge model with 1404 words of almost constant action.
1 month ago

That means I'm going to read your Remnant stuff
Sorry for the late reading... Really great chapter, this story is becoming much bigger than I had expected.
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