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The Escape: Chapter 4
Published 7 months ago
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Lax and his squad stood at their designated point at the ceremony. The graduation had proceeded as normal with the squads being sent off alphabetically. His squad was one of the last, but certainly not least. When it came Raven squad’s turn, the ARC in charge stopped them.
“Congratulations on completing the Citadel with extra complications,” He said. “Your battalion will be the 283rd Battalion. They’ll be glad to have you.”
“Thank you, sir!”
“Good hunting, troops. You’re being deployed to Trebesia.”
“Go get those clankers.”
Lax nodded and led his squad onto the Venator for their first battle.

Op surveyed the outpost.
“What’s it got?” Wilder asked.
“Walls. Walls, energy shield, more walls.”
“What I wouldn’t give to have a Jedi.”
“Welp, we don’t. You got those detonators?”
“Do I have the detonators? Of course I have the detonators!”
“Good. We’ll probably need them.”
Op heard footsteps behind him and he pulled out his pistols and turned. Wilder grabbed his pistols and readied himself as well.
“Don’t shoot!” A clone voice called out from the smoke.
“Who are you?” Op asked.
“Lax, designation CT-0005, Raven squad, 283rd Battalion.”
“Shinies, eh?” Wilder said with audible distaste.
“Hey, my squad completed the Citadel with malfunctioning droids!”
“Yeah. And my ARC squad defeated the citadel with a couple of vibroblades and no ascension cables,” Op remarked dryly and went back to staring at the outpost.
“So what are you shinies doing this far from the 283rd front?” Wilder asked.
“We were part of an advance scout unit,” Lax responded. “We got separated.”
“I told you we were off course,” Dragon said.
Wilder looked at the group. “A mapper, eh? What’s your name?”
“Dragon. What do you mean mapper?” Dragon asked.
“You’ve got all the maps memorized, right? You’re a mapper.”
“Ahh. Then yes, I am.”
“You could be helpful,” Wilder handed Dragon a pair of electro-binoculars. “Got any ways to get behind it?”
Dragon looked at the outpost. “Not really. It’s placed right in the middle of the junction, so the only way around it is about 50 klicks due east.”
“We ain’t got that much time,” Op said. “Blasted clankers. They’re getting smarter.”
“If I may,” Lax said. “We could attempt to distract the droids from one side while a couple of the team go and get into the outpost from the other side?”
“You wanna get blown out of the war by a mine?” Wilder responded. “Go right ahead. Otherwise, we’re gonna need a different option. One of us has gotta sweep the mines, but that takes a while.”
Wilder noticed that one of the other shinies was looking at the outpost through a pair of binoculars.
“Hey,” Wilder said. “What’re you doing?”
“Getting a feel for the battlefield,” The clone responded. “If we can find the positions of the mines, we can easily take them out. Lover and Green are great shots, so they can take them out from afar.”
“So we’ve got Lax, Dragon, Green, Lover, and who are you?” Wilder asked.
“Gman reporting.”
“Lax is the leader, Dragon’s the mapper, and Greenie and Lover are the sharpshooters. What’s your specialty?”
Gman shrugged. “Who knows. I’m just here, and I shoot clankers however it seems best.”
“Ahh, the improviser,” Op said. “Every squad needs one of those.”
“Well, that seems accurate,” Lover remarked. “He’s the one who came up with the idea for the Citadel after it glitched.”
“And that was?”
“Taking out clankers without shooting them. When we shot them they didn’t deactivate.”
“Ahh. You had to take off their heads, right?”
“That wasn’t a glitch. The test was just set to ARC style. We don't use blasters, we use vibroblades,” Wilder popped in.
“Oh. Well, that makes sense,”
“So, back to the outpost. Lax, do you think you can find those mines?”
“Probably. If they’re electro-mines we can just scan for the frequencies they’re using.”
“We’d need to know the frequency first.”
“12-8-D,” Green piped in. “That’s the standard frequency for Separatist mines.”
Wilder looked at Op. “They make shinies smarter than they used to.”
“You got that right,” Op responded.
“Well,” Wilder said. “Let’s take out these mines.”

Huge thanks to @Guitarman2 for making Op and Wilder, all the clone weapons, and for fueling me with ideas!

The Octuptarra Tri-Droid came from a different model of mine, and the appropriate crediting can be found there!

Thanks to @EchoLord_0408 and @Empire_1 for the custom prints!
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7 months ago
When's chapter 5 gonna come out?
7 months ago
Yiz+Vampirish: Thank you!

LM: Thanks! Chapter 5 will come out when I finish writing it xD but, it'll come out after I finish building the model for it, and I'm not finished writing chapter 5.
7 months ago
Lax I'm going to be honest, that was really intriguing. Best chapter yet! Can't wait to read more
7 months ago
Greenie: I (think xD) I agree! I liked chapter 3 a lot! By the way, here are the members featured in this model.
Raven Squad(left to right):

Op/Wilder(left to right when looking at their faces):
7 months ago
Lax, I just read through all the posted chapters, and dang, you have some story-telling skills, bro! This is awesome! The way you portray the characters is perfect, and the plot is great. Also, what a clean explanation for why the simulation was different than usual. Great job! Can't wait for chapter five.
7 months ago
Op: Couldn't have done it without Gman!
7 months ago
WOW uhm. My mind is blown. This may be better than Queen's Shadow or Queen's Peril!
7 months ago
justy: Maybe

L_T: Did you read the other chapters first?
7 months ago
Very immersive story and nice scene!!
7 months ago
Thanks. Oh, I didn't notice. Well, it doesn't matter to me.
7 months ago
7 months ago
Everyone, I'm sorry to report that The Escape is going to be stopped, and Lax's Custom Clones Inc. is shutting down. A few of you may know why, but most of you don't. For those of you who do know why, please don't tell anyone, as it is none of their business.
7 months ago
That's a shame. I hope it's nothing too serious.
7 months ago
It's serious if you ask me.
7 months ago
Damn, alright. I won't press but at least the works so far are up and they were great.
7 months ago
Please stop posting those images! I will report you if you don't, @Been-Jammin!
Look through this forum https://mecabricks.com/en/forum/topic/2925
As for the second question, yes.
If you do not stop posting these images, I will report you.
Send me a PM if you want to talk. If your account isn't verified, post a model and change the description to your response. I will not have you post these images on my models anymore.
4 months ago
I made a list earlier, you can find it in the previous comments
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