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a few patented pieces
Published 2 months ago
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can you figure out who owns each of these pieces?

actually I'll just tell ya.
the lightsaber was (controversially) patented by the sixth Lizard Jockey
clone pants were patented most famously by the only well-known clone on MB, LegoCommanderBacara.
the Banker's tux was patented by yours truly, sporting a pocketwatch, an EPIC tie, and a few bills.
the knight's visor was patented by Operator011, except upside down. y'know, because it looks cooler.
spiky hair was most famously donned by GreenFlame24, although quite a few users, including G-ma, and others that are less well-known have used it in the past. (this grammar is somehow terrible, idk how to fix it. please send help!)
the gold crown was most recently taken by KingofAce, put at a jaunty angle on his sig's curly black hair
Egon the ghostbuster's face was taken by (surprisingly, not Egon XD) Whizzing Fizzbee, one of the few wizards left on Mecabricks.
and last, the Knight's helmet was taken by (not surprisingly, a knight!) KnightofElabor.

now here are a few controversial pieces...
Emmet head, of course. I think more users have that face on MB than any other.
Lloyd's head, or a variant of it(LNM style)
jeans. now, SOO many users have jeans, and it doesn't really matter what kind. probably the most used are those dark blue ones that Greenie, Slim, and Lax wear?

tell me if you have any more overused or patented pieces, I would love to hear about them!
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2 months ago
Don't even get me started about Lloyd's head!!

Anyway, I like the idea of this model!!
2 months ago
Mini Head No.1456
I use it in 14 sets and some more that haven't been posted yet...
2 months ago
What about my hat made from 3 feathers and a 1x1 flat round tile
1 month ago
I mean, my sword is probably way to many pieces but it appears in almost every of my sig figs
along with my clipped hair
1 month ago
Am I dreaming…? O_O
No wait—it’s a nightmare.
1 month ago
Meh. My helmet would have been better. LOL. Or my torso piece.
1 month ago
I think I’ll call him…

1 month ago
@Wiz, JustYourCommandingGreenWizardOperatorRiderofAce sounds better to me
1 month ago
The_Farter - I found it fart, it’s fart to find. Oh, well—whatever, never mind.
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