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Space derbis harvesting ship
Published 4 years ago
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Some people call us marauders, scavengers. That’s close to the truth. It’s our job. Sometimes space ships break. And they can’t always be repaired. Too much damage. Too far from inhabited systems. We are looking for abandoned starships and disassemble them. Even if the ship exploded, there are still some valuable parts that can be sold. But they explode very rarely. Usually ships die because of malfunction of couple of systems. The other ones stay undamaged. We cut out the most valuable parts. It’s impossible to take everything we want. Just those things that can fit into the hold and external containers. So the profit isn’t very big. And do not forget about risks. Abandoned ship is a dangerous place. Something unexpected can happen anytime. So, why do we do it? Because someone has to take back those resources. Miners dug ore. Than the metal was made. Electronics. The ship was assembled. We just trying to make this work not worthless if the ship dies. And get some money.
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4 years ago
You just keep cranking out awesome ships!
4 years ago
Wow! What a great ship, and story to match! Keep it up!
4 years ago
Probably my favourite model so far on Mecabricks. I love everything related to space and getting the ship plus the story here is just a big bonus.
4 years ago
Oh Sunder_59... why your models are always awesome??

4 years ago
Here is my rendered version of this beautiful ship. I tried to make something a little bit more realistic than just playing with the Blender materials. For that I used the Blender compositor and Photoshop. It is not perfect but I am sure that with a bit of practice I'll get better.

@Renderbricks Me too lol
2 years ago
i like this ship, so can i use it in my rpg idea?
2 years ago
Wow...just wow.
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