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Published 5 months ago
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Before reading this and future aftermath story’s i should tell you about what happened to destruction, i am still writing it just not in mecabricks story format. Im writing it in book format, as in 20 page chapters and such. In pages. Not for mecabricks. If you want i can pm you the general plot of the book, but i wont be releasing it on mecabricks. Just thought you should know. (Also this takes place 3 or so years after destruction.) oh and the main character here is in destruction. Enjoy!

Destruction: AFTERMATH
A bricks short story.
“After the aliens were defeated by yours truly i got a few medals, a big mansion, riches and multiple butlers, i disappeared. The documentary’s were made and interviews done but other than that i was gone. It was all over. Right?
“So lets give you the basic idea of whats happened since the start of the invasion. Some aliens invaded earth i lost my family and my friends so i figured what the heck why not get a group of people together and fight these aliens. So i did, i got Nancy (who died fyi), Charles (who is the leader of W.H.O now?), David (He lives with his daughters.), David’s ex (i dont know her name but she died.), Bob (he is alive and well) and Jane (i dont know what happened to her.) we won, i had to climb up to an alien warship and put a crystal next to the engine and shoot it (it exploded and now most of my organs are mechanical and my left side is mostly mechanical to.) so that was fun. After the alien junk was all cleaned up a company called NEXUS discovered the secret to and replicated the alien tech and now earth is some sort of futuristic utopia, well thats what they want you to think anyway. Its more of a dystopia, but nobody’s allowed to say or do anything about it. If you do the O.M.A.I. Will find you and hunt you down. People are being shot down in the streets, women and children. Innocent people. And just because the O.M.A.I. And NEXUS want order. The only place your safe is the lower levels and if you go down there your either kidnapped and forced to work for NEXUS or you are the one kidnapping. My name is Ethan, and im an O.M.A.I.”
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5 months ago
W.H.O. Is the world health organization btw.
5 months ago
The fig is Ethan in a standard O.M.A.I. Officer uniform.
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