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P.0 Ep.1 The Day Gets Weird
Published 2 years ago
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So, I was on my morning stroll, when I saw something really weird. And I'm used to weird things, but this was REALLY weird. Two penguins, armed penguins, mind you, were robbing a fish stand. ,': I
I immediately pulled out my Katanas and got ready to attack them, but on seeing me, they flew (What!?! these are penguins!) away.
I asked the fish stand guy if he was okay, and he said he's had weirder robberies. ,': I

This is My first episode of the series I'm doing, and I hope you like it.
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2 years ago
Cool! Cant wait for episode two, will there be more armed penguins?
2 years ago
Haha so awesome!
2 years ago
That is weird. My style!
2 years ago
Thanks JmanBricks and ApocalypticBrick!
2 years ago
This actually made me laugh, not much on Mecabricks does that, even really funny stuff! It’s so weird, weird is a good thing! Great job BB, I can’t wait for more!
2 years ago
Thank you! I'm glad I could do what most stuff doesn't. I was thinking about releasing the next episode today.
2 years ago
Just a suggestion: You can tag all of your "Day gets weird[er]" models "the day gets weird".
2 years ago
Thanks for the tip! I actually decided to call my series 'Penguana0', but I should really get around to adding the tags!
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