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Published 5 years ago
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NEW HAPPY YEAR greetings based on the LEGO MOVIE title logo.

Thanks to SCRUBS the genius behind this fantastic and brilliant website.
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5 years ago

I love it: it's perfect!

Happy {32-20e3} {30-20e3} {31-20e3} {36-20e3}

5 years ago
(we are waiting for a virtual-render!)
5 years ago
I had to decide between the original THE LEGO MOVIE title perspective or put the NEW onto the other side to make it readable as "HAPPY NEW YEAR" in a mirrored perspective but I decided to make it close to the original title. "NEW HAPPY YEAR" is a bit strange but works, too.
5 years ago
Added NEW to the other side for another test.
5 years ago
I've added another version where I am experimenting with randomized positions and rotations of the LEGO bricks. You have to download the picture and take a closer look at it to realize the difference. What I do in MODO is scaling down the bricks to 99.5%, move them randomly +/- 0,1mm in all directions and rotate them randomly within +/- 0.6 degrees. Maybe I have to use 0,2mm and 0.4 degrees because longer bricks will be rotated too extremely, what looks wrong and they will intersect with other bricks. In MODO this process is unfortunately not that easy to do because MODO lacks of "Relative Input Using Math Operations" what I am used to do in the great 3d application SOFTIMAGE. There you just select all bricks and enter into the translation fields +r(-0.1,0.1,300) and it will add randomized values between -0.1 and +0.2 to the existing values with a seed value of 300. You can also do it without a seed value. Totally easy and superfast. Maybe BLENDER is allowing this elegant method?
5 years ago
Very interesting. I've considered rotating things like 1x1 plates, tiles, etc in Mecabricks so that they don't so perfectly aligned. It is interesting to see it done in a 3-D software. I do wonder if it could be replicated in Blender...
3 years ago
could u possibly do a render for one of my dodge challengers
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