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The Lightbringers - Chapter 1
Published 2 months ago
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Hello! Here (finally) is chapter one of the Lightbringers! Hope you enjoy!


One sunny day, in Indianapolis Indiana, Jaylor Tine had an unexpected, but welcome surprise. To learn about that Surprise, and what came of it, you must read this book. This is a somewhat ordinary book, in the way that there are heroes, and villains, and deaths, and redemptions, and all those things that you would expect an in adventure story. But, as this is a story, it also has a message. I ask that you consider this message, and its implications carefully. This is not an allegory, not a debate, nor a sermon. This is a story with a message, and I ask that you treat it as just that.

Chapter 1: The Surprise

"Hey, are you okay?" Asked Koda. "Yes," Gabe answered. "I've just got the nervous jitters."
"Okay, but act natural, okay?"
They were walking down Beech street, towards number 23, where their good friend Jaylor lived. Gabe had moved to Pensylvania two years ago, but Koda still lived in the Indianapolis area. Gabe had traveled to Indy for this, though.
"Do you think he'll like it?"
"Of course he'll like it. Stop worrying!"
Koda was getting exasperated, but honestly, he was a little nervous as well. They walked up to No. 23, and strode across the downhill driveway.
"Hey, look! Isn't that Kade's?"
Gabe was pointing at a blue Honda, and Koda glanced at it.
"I think it is." answered Koda.
"You gotta hand it to him, that drive from Dallas couldn't have been easy." Gabe commented, with a grin.
Koda rolled his eyes, but he was laughing too.

"Come in, boys!"
"Thank you Mrs. Tine." said Koda.
"So, when is Jaylor going to be here?" Gabe asked, unable to contain his excitement.
"Oh, he's coming home from the library."
Of course. Jaylor was always at the library. "Oh, right."
"So, do you guys have it?" asked Mrs. Tine.
"Yes, we brought it. It's in my car." answered Koda.
"Good. Please come in here, this is where we're setting it up."

She led them into a spacious living room, with a fireplace on the opposite wall. There were two couches facing each other from across the room. There was a coffee table in the middle, and Kade Mylona was sitting on the right hand side couch.
"Hey, Kade!" Gabe greeted him.
"Oh, hi guys!"
"How've you been?" asked Koda. "That drive couldn't have been easy!" he added.
"Oh, it was fine. Of course, thirteen hours is nothing to sneeze at." he answered, with a smile.
"Guys, Jay's gonna be here soon, we should get ready." said Gabe.
"Oh, right."

Jaylor Tine was walking home from the library. He knew this route like the keys on a piano (He didn't know the back of his hand that well though). Of course, he had only lived in Indy for a couple of years now, but this path was well worn to him, as he visited the library frequently. He loved going to the library. It was, almost certainly, his favorite place to be. He could imagine himself in the place of characters, learn new facts, and visit places he's never been with his mind's eye. He had just finished reading Lord of the Rings for the upteenth time.
"I wonder what sort of adventure we're in, Mr. Frodo."
He had been pondering those words, and trying his best to interpret them for the whole of his half-hour walk. He thought about how Sam had said that you don't want the characters in a story to know what sort of adventure they're in.
Just like us, He thought.
We're just tiny little human beings, here on this large Earth, orbiting an even bigger sun, in a larger galaxy, in this enormous universe.

A dog's bark wrenched him back into reality, and he looked up and saw that he had come to the stop-sign that marked his street, Beech street. Of all the places he'd moved, this had been one of the best. He hoped that his family wouldn't have to move for a while. He loved the barking dogs, the sun shining through the trees in early morning, the occasional smell of a wood-burning fireplace. Ah, he thought. this will be a good day. It was his birthday, after all, and it was a beautiful day.
"Hello, Jaylor!" called his next door neighbor.
"Oh, hello Mrs. Nelson!"
"It's your birthday today, isn't it?"
"Yes, it is."
"Happy birthday!"
"Thank you. Would you like to come over later today? We're having a little celebration at my house." he added, thinking that it would be wonderful to have her over. She was always fun to talk to, and his mom had asked him to be as nice as possible to her.
"Thank you for the invitation, but I'm going to visit my daughter later today." she answered, not unkindly.
"Oh, okay. I'll see you later then!"
"Thank you, you too! Bye!"

End of Chapter 1


Crowd-sourced characters:

Kade Mylona - LegoWilderness

Gabe Mullens - Greenflame24

Koda Sato - BlockMaster16YT

Jaylor Tine, Mrs. Tine, Mrs. Nelson - Operator011

Well, I hope you liked that! Sorry I had to cut it short, but it was getting a little too long. xD

That's all for now!
God bless you.


P.S. Do you like this writing style? Do you think it's too wordy? Please, let me know.
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2 months ago
Wow, this got 5 like in two seconds! xD
2 months ago
DUDE THIS IS AWESOME!!! I love the writing style, it’s cool. Also the story is very interesting. Just a little thing, could you maybe add which character is who’s, cuz I forgot XD
2 months ago
MB: Thank you so much! Okay, I could.
2 months ago
You’re welcome!
2 months ago
AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FInally!!
2 months ago
BRO this is amazing!!! i honestly felt like i was reading a book by a professional author!
the the characters and dialogue are executed really well and you did a good job of setting up everything without being boring
over all, i really enjoyed it and can't wait for the next!!!
2 months ago
Wow, it seems everyone has the hidden talent of being a writer. This is amazing! I read through it twice and couldn't find any typos or grammar errors, good job! Also, the longer the chapter the better!
2 months ago

Loving it so far!

I just kinda wish that there would be a scene/model to go with each chapter.
2 months ago
@SnappingTurtle, honestly, I think it's fine like this, yeah a scene is cool, but I know how hard it is to make stuff like that.
2 months ago
I don't think it's too wordy! If anything, you can make your chapters longer and I'd be happy with that, imo. It looks awesome!! Woo!
2 months ago
The story was amazing is the best story that I read congratulations
2 months ago
The longer the better, dude!!! I honestly have to say I was smiling the entire time I was reading this... bro, you definitely have to publish this. I only found one (1!) speelung erer: It was, almost certainly, he favorite place to be. His favorite place. Okay, finished xP

Phenomenal style, my friend! And my blue Honda
2 months ago
12 hr and 49 minutes from Dallas... I looked it up. You were one minute off! Also, you said he had been driving a Honda, which is fine, just as long as it was something like a Civic. Civic's are cool, but Ridgeline's are not. Just to make sure. I'm guessing it was a blue sporty looking Civic with black exterior, those are fun cars... then again... I have never seen a blue Ridgeline... so I don't think I have anything to worry about. Also, I love the way you have portrayed my character
he's like a fictional... me...
I need to go and visualize which characters are which though... I can't remember
Amazing job...

*P.S. Do you like this writing style? Do you think it's too wordy? Please, let me know.

P.S Yes, I like the writing style, and I don't think it's too wordy

@D_R Yeah! It seems like everyone nows how to right except me... at least I have a lot of good examples.
2 months ago
OG-man: Thank you! IKR? XD

KnightOfElectricLabor: Thank you very much. Don't worry, the next chapter will be here soon! The reason I don't have a schedule is that I know that I will miss more than a few. xD

D_R: Thank you! Yes, it definitely does seem that way.
Good! LW found one, but I fixed it. Okay, I'll make the next one as long as a normal novel chapter.

ZSnappr: Thank you! Actually, I'm planning on making MOCs of the different sets, like 23 Beech street, or some other places, as separate things. Reason being that if you just want to read the story, it doesn't take too long to load.

Python: Thank you! Yes, I definitely will.

BM16YT: Thanks!

ethel_dri00912: Thank you!

LegoFlavoredWilderness: Thank you. Yes, that was the overall opinion! XD
Alright, I fixed that. xD I should've proof-read it. Yes, your blue honda.

DaPrez: Yeah, yeah. One minute. Big deal. (It was actually 13 hrs., 30-something mins. when I checked.
) Yes, a 2016 Honda Civic is the car I had in mind. xD
Good, I'm glad you like the writing style.

TNB: Thank you!
2 months ago
Good idea for the little MOCs! Should've thought of that myself.
1 month ago
hi im new and that was really really cool.
1 month ago
1CoA: Thank you! Welcome to Mecabricks.
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