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Entry for the age of the wild!
Published 2 months ago
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Hello, meet Philomon, my entry for "The Age of the Wild!"

Name: Philomon, son of Leone.

Nickname: "Stouthart"

Age: 34

Species: 1/8 lion, 7/8 human (well, I know it's weird).

Personality: Cheerful, trusting, extremely brave. Will always protect people, even if he doesn't like them (That's something his father taught him). A little "Rough around the edges," as you might say. Meaning, not the best manners, a little gruff, and his jokes and quips are almost always out of place (XD). Very loyal, truthful, and doesn't like to lie (even when it's the right thing to do). Loves to smile, fairly good at making friends, 'cause if you can get around the (slightly) bad manners, and gruffness, he's a really nice guy. I guess the best way to describe him is "Like a big bear, but a teddy bear if you're nice, and a grizzly bear if you're mean."

Hobbies: Woodwork, Sparring, very good at lighting fires, making warm clothes (Kinda strange, but that's the feeling of his character. Warm, and cozy), story telling (especially with kids), really good with kids, though he doesn't have any of his own (that would be weird), and frying chicken. xD

Weapon of choice: His sword, which was given to him by his father, who got it from his father, who got it from his father, who got it from his father (Which was the original lion guardian). It's name is "The Sword of the Lion," but he calls it Cruncher. (What? Don't look at me like that...)

Catch phrase: "ROAR!" (XD), and, well, he doesn't really have a catch phrase (Catch phrases are SUPER cheesy).

Bio (This wasn't required, but I should explain some family history) : His Great-great grandfather was the OG lion guardian. Philomon is his "heir," in a manner of speaking. The title of "Lion guardian" has been passed down, and he is the only living relative of the OG lion. So now, he does whatever a lion guardian does! (You decide what that is, in the story, j2.)

I hope it's okay that I steered away from the "Animal/human" factor. I don't have any problem with it, but I just couldn't make a good looking minifig. (XD)

If you need anything changed, just let me know.

In the words oh Porky Pig (My hero), "That's all folks!"

God bless, 011 (AKA SpecialOp, 011, O011, OP, Operator, ect...) out.

P.S.: Porky isn't my hero.

P.P.S.: Remember, #XD.
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2 months ago
Two thumbs up!
2 months ago
j2: Thanks, bro!

Python: Thank you!
2 months ago
Wait, is Porky from Monkie Kid?
2 months ago
No, he's from Looney Toons, an old cartoon series. Pigsy is the guy from the Monkie kid.
2 months ago
Python: Yeah.

KnightofElectricLabor: Thanks!
2 months ago
I get the feeling he won't like my figure... because mine is not truthful
anyways, great job on this
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