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Apocalypse City
Published 2 weeks ago
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I made a MOC Street Corner. Car models by mizlegoman101 and actioncharles here on Mecabricks!

If any of you want to use this model, please credit me and the people I mentioned here! Thanks!
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1 week ago
I love how you can tell a story through backgrounds like this. most of the vehicles dont have their tires, rubber usually doesnt rot away so they must have been taken by somene which implys that there are surviros somewhere and they need rubber for some reason. maybe theyre making armour out of it to protect from whatever apocalyptic event is going on
1 week ago
Thank you so much @AmyOak I really appreciate you commenting on here!
1 week ago
Amazing! I love the Loki render.
1 week ago
This is amazing, and I can tell you spent a LOT of time on it. Anyways, I'm just curious... but If I walked out the back door of AJ's... would I fall into an infinite void of nothingness?
1 week ago
ESPAÑOL: ME ENCANTO TU LEGO, son las mejores imágenes de lego que he visto y me gustaría ser tan buen constructor y tan buen fotógrafo de mecabricks como tu.

english: I LOVED YOUR LEGO, they are the best lego images I have ever seen and I would like to be as good a builder and as good mecabricks photographer as you.
1 week ago
Jekester I am making a movie and I need some set for it so i am wondering if i could use this set, I will credit you and it will be put on youtube.
1 week ago
Sure! You can use it!
1 week ago
At first when I saw this model i thought "No freaking way this was built by scratch." but the fact that you built this by yourself and you didnt use imported models is AMAZING
1 week ago
I encourage you to put out more amazing models like this.
But first, a couple questions:
1. How long did it take you to build this model. Judging by it's size and complexity, I'm assuming more than 24 hours
2. Can others use this model in their models?
1 week ago
Jekester Thanks you so much!
1 week ago
hi this is amazing.
6 days ago
Dude-this is awesome!!
The little details-from the rusty school bus to the patches of grass...
Its just amazing!! Great job, this is so cool.

Also, very nice renders!
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