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Mecabricks Stories #3
Published 6 months ago
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I am SnapStudio, and here is the third edition of Mecabricks Stories, where we reveal users’ stories for the very first time! Today we have two Mecabricks Users to interview, LegoWilderness, and Dragon_Rider06.

First up is Dragon_Rider06’s story!

"Twas a normal day in the real world when a certain someone, me, hopped onto her computer and created an account on a website called Mecabricks. How she found this website was this. One of her friends told her about it and on the 3rd of August she created her account and has been on ever since. The username she selected is Dragon_Rider06, because at the time, she was a massive fan of How to Train Your Dragon and the Inheritance books."

This user now has 77 models, sadly no renderings, 2.9K views, and 275 likes.

Now for LegoWilderness’ story, but beware, it’s a long one!

At the age of 13, I joined Lego Ideas, but I didn’t know how big an impact this decision would have on my Lego fandom. As soon as I signed up, I entered the first competition with a few entries, and slowly started working my way up to the ‘top’ sections in the contests. I met a few other builders, including PickABrick, Commander Brick, and ApocalypticBrick, who joined a few months after me; I still correspond with CB and AB through PM’s and the MB model comment sections. I tried to encourage the members as much as I could, and I especially found a lot in common with PickABrick, a BotW fan and TFOL like myself. Well, I needed a name, but I just couldn’t think of the ‘perfect’ one with so much going on at the moment... Then it hit me. I had made a small model in LDD – a wilderness landscape made with Lego. You can probably figure out what happened next.
Soon, I became interested in not only entering more contests, but finding advanced digital designers, but LDD just wasn’t cutting it – so I moved up to Stud.io. I loved the simplicity of the builder, as it was easy, as well as fun. The POV-Ray render were amazing, until I saw the MB Blender renders... I was extremely impressed, but I honestly also felt a bit concerned that I would never be able to make anything I created look just like one of the photos I found online. I tried out Blender, but it was extremely intimidating to me; I had no clue what to do, even when I tried Googling some tutorials. I was at a loss – I didn’t know what to say, and I thought I was failing.
Okay, so I’ll just cut in the story to fast-forward a bit, specifically to October 13th, 2019. I had experimented with the MB workshop a few times, but I hadn’t signed up for the actual site. I wanted to keep building with Studio, but unfortunately, my computer went through a scan and erased the entire program. I was devastated, as 300+ hours of work had been deleted, in a snap. To my relief a few months later, I found out that the .io files were still on my documents, so I set to work uploading them onto MB.
When I signed up, I went on to release my sigfig, which was received extremely well – my Lego Ideas experience helped out, as some of the MB members already knew me well, and were excited to see me there. ApocalypticBrick showed me the works and explained every question I asked with pleasure and the ‘AB-style’ that makes you feel at ease. He’s an amazing guy, and I’d like to thank him for helping me out, as well as assisting almost every new member coming and going.
After a bit of correspondence with InterBrick, I found that he’s one of the nicest individuals I’ve ever had the pleasure of talking with, and he is also in the ranks of ‘most helpful’ on MB. MOCmaster comments on every one of my builds, and he’s such an awesome guy as well – I’ve gotten to know him better chatting on Discord, and I recommend that you go to him for some amazing chats.
As I went on, I met some great users, including CJ, TCM, and MrBrick. Speaking of the latter, he’s a sick dude who loves some of the same concepts and hobbies as I do. He joined a few months after me, and it was pretty fun welcoming him into the group.
All in all, I’ve had a blast on MB, and I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen in the future!

This user now has 44 models, 37 renderings, 5.0K views, and 189 likes.

And there you have it folks, the fourth and fifth Mecabricks Stories! Stay tuned, because there is more to come.

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6 months ago
Awesome! Can't wait for more!
This was an awesome idea.
6 months ago
Awesome job, my friend!
Thank you so much!
6 months ago
Sure thing, happy to do it!
6 months ago
Epic! I'm sorry, I totally am forgetting mine. I promise I'll do it soon.
6 months ago
Okay, looking forward to reading it!
6 months ago
Of course! Mine will be the last one posted.
5 months ago
Thank you so much my dude! I seriously thought I had commented on this, but hey...
5 months ago
Uhhh, you did. You are very welcome again!
5 months ago

I just changed my pfp, so I can't even recognize myself anymore
5 months ago
Nice!!! This is a great idea of yours SnapStudios!
4 months ago

InterBrick was mentioned!

I only found this now, but thanks for the mention, LW, and thanks to all of you guys for your contributions to MecabricksStories!
46 models | 5.7k views
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