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The idol on Ozu
Published 7 months ago
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Ozu – 24 BBY

The farmer looked at the ship smoothly landing on the ground – a greyish tall grass all around – and then at the party getting out towards him: a male Human with grizzled hair, a green-skinned female Twi’leck and two droïds. None of them had a weapon, at least nothing visible. Only the man walked to meet him.
“Hi there, sorry to disturb… My name is Noled Gaarb. We are looking for a Zugaar Temple. Can you help us?
“Maybe I can”, answered the farmer after a moment. “You’re not here for troubles?”
“Surely not, my friend!” said Noled, opening widely his two arms and hands. “May we come in for a few minutes with my associate, Asora? We just need a few answers and we’ll leave you with your business.”
Another moment of silence… Then the farmer turned and simply said: “Follow me.”

“That’s a nice ship you have here…”. The farmer dropped on the old kitchen table three mugs and a thermos. He poured himself a cup of what appeared to be a kind of dark green coffee and asked his guests if they wanted any. Noled said yes politely. Asora said no politely. Noled smelled it and realized he would not drink it, then answered:
“Indeed, thank you. The ‘Star of Kashyyyk’ is a heavily modified Wookie Gunship. I got it as a wreck for a few credits and I spent much more in the improvements that you may have noticed… elongated cargo capacity, new cockpit, rear turret and improved engines…”
“Noled is so proud of his ship…” interrupted Asora with a smile, “he could talk about it all day long.”
“For sure, I spent so much time modifying it… But Asora is right, we should get back to the reason of our visit here if we do not want to bother you for too long.”
The farmer changed position on his seat. “A Zugaar temple, right? That’s what you are looking for?”
“Exactly”, answered Noled, “but we do not know what it looks like, or where we can find it.”
“Can I ask you how you got to know about Zugaar temples?”
“Sure, it’s perfectly normal that I explain you”, acknowledged Noled. “It’s quite a long story, to be honest, but I’ll try to make it short”.

“Four months ago, we were hired by someone who wanted to acquire a certain number of artworks that could not be found on the regular market. We managed to get most of them, but we had most difficulties to know what an Ha’vera (as written on his list) could be.
“We went to Coruscant and looked through a large number of databases in various public libraries, and finally found a clue: an old book dated from the High Republic era, related to alien tribes, had one page dedicated to Zugaars and mentioned the word Ha’vera as a local translation for idol.
“But the book did not mention where these Zugaar tribes could be found, and we feared that they could be extinguished. We finally met a professor specialized in ancient cultures, who pointed us to Ozu. He explained us that the Zugaars lived on this planet when the settlers arrived, but he did not know if they still existed. So here we are.”
After a few minutes of silence, the farmer answered in a doubtful tone: “Well, I can tell you where these Zugaar tribes are… but their idols are sacred, and I don’t think that they will let you have one.”
He waited for an answer but there was none. He decided that he preferred not to know how the party would manage to get their hands on one of these idols.
“There are four main continents on Ozu. We farmers are spread amongst the three largest ones, and the smallest one is the land of the Zugaars. Fly South-East from here and you will recognize it easily from the sky: it is covered by big blue trees. From times to times, we have tourists flying over there to watch the blue forests of Ozu. At first, I thought that you were some of them. Anyway… Zugaars live in tribes within these forests. Each tribe has its temple, and there you should be able to find such an idol you are looking for. But be careful: Zugaars are very aggressive and do not speak basic language at all. We have no contact with them and it’s fine like that. I said that tourists were only flying over the forests, and not landing there. That’s for a good reason.”

After that, the farmer did not speak much. Noled understood that he had said everything that he wanted to tell them. He thanked him and the team got back to the ship.
The Star of Kashyyyk flew in the designated direction, first over the vast grey meadows, then over a tumultuous ocean, and finally over the famous blue forests. It was indeed a wonderful landscape, but the objective was to locate a temple. And soon they did.
“Here on the right!” said Asora from the cockpit. The temple was carved in grey stone, representing a kind of big face on top of which were white teeth or hairs, Asora could not decide. A fire was visible, but no one around it.
“Let’s turn around the site to see if our Zugaar friends are nearby”, said Noled.
One minute later, nine or ten beings (obviously the Zugaars) rushed from the forest, screaming furiously at the ship. They wore only an orange loincloth but were all equipped with primitive weapons: spears, bows, maces…
“This is for sure a warm welcome!” said Asora. “Should we look for another temple?”
“It may be a good idea…” answered Noled while orienting the ship further South.

“This fifth temple may be the good one, what do you think?” asked Asora
“I might agree with you…” answered Noled. “The idol is clearly visible and considering the reflections of the fire on its surface, it is for sure made of some precious material. And there are only two Zugaars keeping an eye on it. These ones have red loincloths, see? They did not shout at us so much, maybe they are more used to see tourist ships?”
“Could be…” said Asora, but she did not feel convinced.
“OK, warn IG-44”, decided Noled. We will gain altitude and circle loosely for half an hour or so. Then we rush to the ground, steal the idol and leave immediately.”

And so they did.
As the ship landed, the two Zugaar guards approached angrily, swinging their spears. Noled and IG-44 took position, blasters in hand, while Asora circled the ship to go to the temple while the guards were focusing on the two others. The Zugaars kept on moving forward, screaming and waving their weapons. Asora managed to get to the rock on which the temple was built and climbed to the top. On the ground below, the two pairs were still threatening each other. Asora turned around the fire and looked at the glittering idol. Three more steps and she grabbed it…
At this very moment, the Zugaars below turned in panic towards her. At this very moment also, Asora heard the screams from at least two other beings from the other side of the rock. She ran down with the idol in one hand, noticing at a glance that two new Zugaars had appeared: one with a bow, on her back, and one with a strange green mask on the other side – a priest, most probably. All four aliens were aiming at her. Noled and IG-44 opened fire to frighten the Zugaars, allowing Asora to jumped into the ship. R4 was already preparing for take-off. Noled got in as well and hurried in the cockpit. IG-44 was the last to board and close the footbridge as the arrows and spears clang on the ship.
The Star of Kashyyyk ascended in the cloudy sky, far from the shouting of the Zugaars – they were now a dozen on the ground.
“It went quite well, I would say” sighed Noled with a dim smile.
But Asora could not reply. She was still pale (even for a Twi’leck), hands shaking and still holding the golden statue. She slowly looked down at it. “I’m sure they sensed that I was grabbing it…” she whispered. “What exactly is this thing that we have stolen?”

*** To Be Continued ***

Previous chapter (1st): “Chase on Corellia” https://www.mecabricks.com/en/models/Jk2EyBnm29A
Next chapter (3rd): “Smuggling on Lah’mu” https://www.mecabricks.com/en/models/1XjdVP3Za8b

PS: do you know the Zelks? They are creatures leaving in Ozu’s forests. They have a white fur and 4 legs with kind of wings allowing them to hover from the trees as they jump on their prey. You can see 2 of them in this scenery!
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7 months ago
Your writing is amazing!
7 months ago
Your writing is amazing!
7 months ago
The history is there and I like your scene. Next step, you will have to do an animation haha.
7 months ago
Awesome story and build!
7 months ago
Thanks for your comments !
I'm not a native english speaker so I'm afraid that the vocabulary is not always accurate, but well, if you liked it I'm happy

Next "chatper" is coming soon...
7 months ago
You're welcome!
6 months ago
Many thanks for the renders, Quinyu !!
5 months ago
@General_Veers Please send me an e-mail (kl3w.contact@gmail.com) or DM on Instagram (@kl3w_lego), I would like to talk about your work!!
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