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Mecabricks Stories #7
Published 4 months ago
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I am SnapStudio, and here is the seventh edition of Mecabricks Stories, where we reveal users’ stories for the very first time! Today we have two Mecabricks Users to interview, Lego_Lover, and MOCmaster.

First up is MOCmaster's story!

Well, it all started quite a while ago, sometime near the 24th of March 2019. I was at school; it was lunchtime and I was bored, really bored. So bored I in fact, that even homework seemed exiting (Sadly I had none...). So I walked and walked and walked some more, until I had the idea to go to the school library; which I did. All the books in the school library were terrible, so I went up to the computers and logged on, Clickety Click Click Click! And Boom I was logged on. At the time I was using LDD at home, for all my digital lego builds, but I found it frustrating to use, and annoyed at the fact that many of the newer pieces I was building with IRL were not there. So I hopped onto chrome and searched, lego online builder and searched the results. At first, I found this "http://www.publishyourdesign.com/design" which to me, was just as bad as LDD. Sooooooo. I went looking again. And I found this site, at first it was weird, I thought it was kinda silly, it didn't work like LDD? But I tried, and tried, until I got the hang of it, and here I am now!

This user now has 197 models, 101 renderings, 23.3K views, and 1.1K likes. Wow, this dude has been busy!

Now for Lego_Lover’s story!

So then, one day in 2019, when I was tired of LDD, and Bricklink's Stud.io, I stumbled across this Website. And then I made my own First Models, and made some Public Models! And then I even learned how to make Renders, and I think I got a little too addicted to them. face with tears of joy
But then I found out there were great People in this Community, like ApocalypticBrick, and CJ. And then after that, I had only made more amazing Friends on Mecabricks, and still am today. (Also, [with watching some Mecabricks Vids on YouTube] I pretty much taught myself how to use the Workshop, and it's tools.)

And then, I think my Favorite thing to do was Share my Models and Renders with others, and Help Others to learn how to do different things. smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes
And then apparently everybody REALLY liked my Models and Renders, and some people for some reason even came to me for advice on how to do things, and of course, I would try to help them, and they would say it worked! So I was really happy I could share my skills with others.
And since then, I've made my own YouTube Channel, which has now over 2,000 Views, and a Flickr Account!

And then I continued to make Models and Renders, and lived happily ever after. smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes

But overall, just remember: When In Doubt, Just Do Mecabricks! winking face

And that's about it!

And again. So much thanks to all of you that have Viewed, Liked, And Commented on my Models, and I really just cannot believe how much support you have given me.
Love y'all. Peace.

This user now has 340 models, 182 renderings, 25.3K views, and 1.6K likes. Wow, this dude has been busy too!

And there you have it folks, the twelfth and thirteenth Mecabricks Stories!

Stay tuned for the first finale model post!

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4 months ago
Thanks for having me!
(only one small tiny problem, you kinda got my hair a bit wrong, but it's OKay, you can leave it like that! Maybe I changed my hair for the interview! XD!)
4 months ago
You are very welcome! What is wrong with the hair?
4 months ago

The top part of the hair, (the Han Solo part) should be moved down by -1! (on the Y co-ordinate!)
4 months ago
Hmm, if I moved it down any farther, I would be clipping.
4 months ago
Actually, your sig already is!
4 months ago
I use clipping in my sig fig!
(But neat clipping)
4 months ago
You didn’t correct or PM me your story in time.
4 months ago
shoot wrong model!(i have 3 tabs open and forgot which is which)
44 models | 5.5k views
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