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06.0 - Traitor
Published 2 months ago
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06.0 - Traitor

[Project |0]
[All Chapters Are Found Here: https://mecabricks.com/en/models/xov7DXG6a0D ]

When YellowFlame37 regained consciousness he was standing on the beheaded guard. His teammates were both scared and happy by his display of power. Daedalus was unconscious in the far corner of the elevator.
“What just happened?” YellowFlame37 asked. Everyone looked at him as if he had just asked a dumb question.
“You demolished the guard, that’s what happened!” Mick4575 replied.
“Alright… What should we do now?” YellowFlame37 asked.
“I suggest that one group finishes the job Anon gave us and the other group stays here to secure our escape,” XillComics suggested.
“Alright… XYZextreme and Daedalus stay here, since they can’t go anywhere… Four and Tron could stay here, so the rest of us can finish this,” Mick4575 suggested.
“Why do I have to stay here?” Lego_Tron asked.
“Who do you suggest should stay here? We need Yellow to fight for us if we get into trouble; I carry the package, and Xill also knows a few tricks,” Mick4575 explained.
“Why can’t I carry the package?” Lego_Tron asked.
“Because it’s my job!” Mick4575 replied.
“Oh really? Anon said we would have to switch carrying the package every other hour!” Lego_Tron exclaimed,”So give me the package,”
“Alright…” Mick4575 sighed, trying to calm his rising anger, and gave the package to Lego_Tron.
“Let’s go,” Lego_Tron said, and walked down the corridor. YellowFlame37 and XillComics followed him.
“Anon, are we almost there?” YellowFlame37 asked.
“Almost… Just walk for another minute or so,” The_An0nym replied.
“Understood,” YellowFlame37 said.
“How much longer?” XillComics asked.
“Just another minute,” YellowFlame37 answered.
“How did you do it? Like… How did you defeat the guard?” Lego_Tron asked.
“I don’t know… I just blacked out, and when my vision cleared the guard was lying on the floor, beheaded,” YellowFlame37 explained.
“Yeah… But how exactly? How did it come to that?” Lego_Tron questioned. His curiosity peaked.
“It might be because I got… What did Anon call it again? Lagged?” YellowFlame37 asked.
“Lagged?” XillComics asked.
“Yeah… Apparently it’s a thing where the victim falls into an endless loop of his last memories, or something like that… but I can’t really remember any of that,” YellowFlame37 explained.
“You’re here; enter the room to the right of you, go to the center and tap the weird circle to activate the hologram computer,” The_An0nym instructed.
“Alright… ” YellowFlame37 said and turned right. The door of the room was already open, which made them curious. Why would the system leave the door open of such an important room? Doing as instructed, they entered the room and walked to the center and tapped the deformed disk. Immediately the hologram activated and showed them a series of ones and zeros. Binary.
“You see the two rails on the side of the machine? Put the package on there; You can leave the rest to me,” The_An0nym explained. Lego_Tron lifted the package, which seems heavier than normal, and placed it onto the tracks. Instantly the numbers moved and changed faster than the eye could see. A pop-up window opened, saying:


“What files?” YellowFlame37 asked.
“I don’t know? Maybe a file containing a virus?” replied. Then the hologram said:


“Wait… What does that mean?” XillComics asked, a bad feeling settling in his stomach.
“I hope it doesn’t mean what I think it means,” YellowFlame37 said.
“But what else could it mean?” Lego_Tron asked.
“Maybe ‘human’ is just a random file of the system?” YellowFlame37 suggested.
“Yes, that could be a possibility!” XillComics exclaimed, but the bad feeling wouldn’t leave. The hologram changed again, this time into something worse than before;


“Should we ask Anon, just to be sure?” YellowFlame37 asked. The screen changed again, this time into:

personal.message=”my lifelong wish had been completed”//complete.shutdown=10sec.>

“Uhh… Anon, could you explain this message here? Anon? Are you there? Hello?” YellowFlame37 asked, but no one replied.
“Maybe he’s busy?” XillComics suggested.
“I don’t think so… Everything fits perfectly; get our trust so we give him our passwords, so that he can give them to the system, so that it can inhabit one of our bodies,” Lego_Tron said.
“But he doesn’t know our passwords!” YellowFlame37 exclaimed.
“He doesn’t need them. He has our data crystals that already have our account opened on them, or at least some account,” Lego_Tron said.
“That would explain the open door!” XillComics exclaimed.
“Exactly,” Lego_Tron said.
“I can’t believe this… Maybe he’s just busy? And he helped us countless times, remember?” YellowFlame37 asked.
“He could have been fooling us,” XillComics said.
“What should we do?” Lego_Tron asked.
“We should probably go to Anon and get a proper explanation,” XillComics suggested.
“Not a good idea. If he really is a bad guy, we shouldn’t go near him… I suggest we go to the meeting point by the portal. If Anon is a bad guy and the system is occupying one of our bodies right now, then there must be a way for us to go back too, except for that one person,” YellowFlame37 said.
“True, but why to the portal?” Lego_Tron asked.
“Because maybe Anon isn’t that bad? Or maybe we can find a hint over there? Either way, it’s the best place, since everyone is going there,” YellowFlame37 explained.
“Alright… Let’s do that, but don’t tell anyone anything for now; we don’t want to burden the others,” XillComics suggested. They all agreed.

[End of 06.0]
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2 months ago
*clearing throat from the back of the room*
Oura: did you SERIOUSLY just verbalize a gasp?
justy: indeed I did! hey, it's been a while, how have you been?
Oura: ya know, the usual. another side adventure, with robots, Titans, and a huge plot twist, and not the normal huge plot twist, it was even HUGER. it would have made a good book!
rageb: INDEED.

cool chapter!
1 month ago
Amazing chapter, as always!
1 month ago
Justy - XD

Fireblade28 - Thank you!!

Galaxist - Thanks!!
1 month ago
SebastianButton.lego - Thanks!!
1 month ago
Another chapter, another exciting development!
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