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Mecabricks: Hands of Time: Epilogue
Published 11 months ago
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Corrin gasped for air as he woke up in a bed. He looked around to see that his house wasn't a tree now, for some reason. He checked himself for any injuries, any wounds, but to his surprise, he was completely clean. He thought he might ask someone around for clarity, but as he came into the kitchen to whip something up, he saw his mom already cooking up a batch of eggs, and not sick!

Corrin: Uh, mom? Where are we again?

Mom Person: Jamanakai Village, of course!

As he processed everything going on, Corrin heard knocking on the door.

Mom Person: Who could that be? school friends, probably...

When Corrin opened the door, he nearly fainted. He saw Quell AND Lucina, and this time, younger, and rejuvenated, with barely a scratch! Tears came to Corrin's eyes as he realized, he didn't need to tell the what happened; they already knew...
|^ > ^ > < ^|

Staff Roll: https://youtube.com/watch?v=AnWWj6xOleY&list=PLcZI0hiUsDGxhXvOiOgBXGGHYMU6DeiS9&indx=1

-----------------------------------------End Credits--------------------------------------------


j2fam77|Corrin Smith
LegoWilderness|Quell P. Chumsworth
Dragon_Rider06|Lucina Rogers


j2fam77|The Champion's Ballad Medley/Do You Remember?
ChuckZillaTime|Time in a Bottle
LegoWilderness|Stargate Atlantis Theme Song/Stargate Theme
MOCmaster|The Temporal Whip
MrBrick|Never Gonna Give You Up, but it's Lego

-------------------------------------------The End----------------------------------------------

Guys, thank you all so much for helping with this series, I couldn't have done it without you! To those of you who blatantly turned down the chance to help, sit back in your chair and contemplate your failure.
Not even as a joke, I literally started crying while writing this series. Listen guys, this year has cut deep, and I just had to allegorize how it must feel, especially for me. If you think this series was bad, then suit yourself, because after all the hard work, even my life experiences was put into this, and I do not need more negativity, because if I am a human being, I will cry. By the way, try to guess the set of musical notes at the end of the musical notes just for fun! I really hope you enjoyed this series, and I'm currently getting to work on my next series: King of Thieves, so check out the launch trailer if you have time, and stay tuned! This has been j2fam77, signing off.
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11 months ago
Wow! I look pretty good now

This took an unexpected turn, but it was pretty great!

I loved the entire story; you should definitely take the time to finish another one in the future!
11 months ago
I got included because of a rickroll
11 months ago
Ayyyyyy thanks for putting me in the credits!
11 months ago
Awesome. I love the credits.
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