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Knight of the Stone Kingdom
Published 2 months ago
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Here is my character for KnightofElabor’s story!

Name: Clayton Rockwood

Age: 400 years

Gender: Male

Clan: Rock

World: Gothret, an endless world of tunnels and mines that have been there for thousands of centuries. There is no sky or space, nothing but rock and minerals. How wood is plentiful in the realm no one knows. Those who dwell there are many, and are decided into two separate clans. One of rock, and one of dirt. Those of dirt would have long been conquered by the rock dwellers, if it weren’t for their ability to refashion themselves without tools and the help of others… usually.

Bio: Clayton Is a very young lad, and full of passion. He was given the responsibility to guard the southern most parts of the Rock clans currently claimed dens, and has been doing so for the past 150 years. He was knighted by his father (who is 164,984 years of age, a ruler of the eastern courters) when all but sacrificed himself in order to keep a battalion of Dirt warriors from destroying a treasured stronghold. He is highly introverted, as are most of the stone faced clan.

Weaknesses: Hates water, hates plants (few verities exist in this realm), hates fire, hates noise, hates light, hates dirt, hates insects, and also hates animals… being made of stone, some of these things effect his body… moss grows on him, bugs make homes in his cracks, water can get stuck in him, etc… he also can come across very cold and hard… which may not be surprising.

Strengths: Is extremely clever, surprisingly quick, overly strong, and, though easily irritated, can put up with large amounts of pain.

Quirks: Ok, I sorta lied, he does like one bug, and it’s his soft spot. He has a pet roach named Wind, who lives in a small crevice near his neck. He also is one of the few beings, out of both clans, who enjoys music. He sings with a low, yet smooth, chant of a voice that can make the hardest of souls quiver.

God bless winking face
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2 months ago
Awesome, can't wait to write about this world!
2 months ago
@KofE Thanks, I am glad you like it
I can't wait to see how my ink will be used through your pen!
2 months ago
Wow! This is pretty awesome!
I love how much detail you put into your work!
2 months ago
@HAMMERBORNE Thanks, I value detail... sometimes even adding things that 98% of the people who see it won't even have a chance at realizing holds meaning. Makes things seam, well, meaningful
2 months ago
Oh wow that's amazing! I love the world you built, it's very creative!
2 months ago
@Greenflame24, My pleasure!
I value detail... sometimes even adding things that 98% of the people who see it won't even have a chance at realizing holds meaning."
My guy, that is virtually the definition of a true artist

I hope I’m in that two percent
but only time will tell..
2 months ago
@DR_06 Thanks,
it might be the most unique thing I've ever put on here.

@KofE Thanks a lot

@HAMMERBORNE Hopefully you will be on to notice things, but, in your own words, "time will tell". Though, now that you know this fact, I can see you being all the more active in searching for these.

@MrBrick Thanks!
2 months ago
*Randomly reading though the comments and notices something said by KnightofElabor*
Hold on, we have points??
2 months ago

(no, i was just acknowledging the effort he put into it)
2 months ago
@Guitar2man wait a second... something seams backwards... anyways thanks
3 weeks ago
This is a very cool minifig/character!
And I love the doorway and the torch!
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