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Meet your Team Leaders!
Published 1 month ago
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Firstly, thank you everyone who's entered into Aocast so far! it's been my dream for years to make this story come true and now i can. Sadly we are only missing two more people (One for Delta and one for Echo) but this will be the second to last Announcement before i release the story! I thought you would all like to meet your team leaders! from left to right: Jack Barret, Koda Sato, Axel Choji, Alexa Micheals.

Ps: Please tell your friends about Aocast we we only need 2 more people. sadly we lost a member due to school (wont be named due to privacy) It was sad to see them go but School is important. if you all would like please spread the word around i will be accepting the first two entries to Teams Echo and Delta only. thank you all so much again and have a great September!!
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1 month ago
Which team am I on? (Or am I a villain, *starts laughing in a creepy quiet way*
1 month ago
@Ninjacatz you get to decide. But it on your post.
1 month ago
@blockmaster16yt can you decide what team I am on? Although I would not mind being a villain *continued creepy laughter*
1 month ago
@NINJACATZ you will find out when the teams are fully complete

@dalegoboss Yes you may choose unless said team is full, so the earlier you got in means the better chance at the team you wanted

@ChubbyandFatso Aocast is a story i am writing. i used Mecabricks to help find the missing characters i needed to write it. currently we have 1 spot left if you wish to enter
1 month ago
Sounds pretty cool!
So, I think it's like this: Participants enter their own Sigfig to you, then, you use their Sigfigs and the characteristics of their Sigfigs to make a story. Is that what this is? I don't know yet what team leaders are for, what Delta and Echo are, or if there were other stories already, but I'm pretty sure I got the main idea.
I would like to join/participate, but I think I would need a Sigfig to do so, which I don't have, because I would want it to be based on my username, which, currently, in my opinion, is pretty bad, and I have no idea of what to change it to.
1 month ago
@ChubbyandFatso you can check out BlockMaster’s first post about Aocast to get more details.
1 month ago
Which teams do the leaders lead?
1 month ago
Uh hate to do this to you BlockMaster, but I think I'm gonna have to drop out. I just don't think I can do it anymore.
1 month ago
@ChubbyandFatsoYou do have the general idea yes, Delta and Echo are teams in Aocast. and yes there is more info on the first announcement post for Aocast.

@BatDog It goes in order left to right, Alpha, Bravo, Delta, Echo.

@Dragon_Rider06 Oh no, is everything ok? i dont mind you dropping out but i just hope everything is ok
1 month ago
@ChuckZillaTime well all teams are owned by Aocast, but the leaders go in order left to right along with what i told BatDog previously
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