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Ghostbusters 2: The River Of Slime
Published 1 year ago
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The New York Pneumatic Railroad (also known as NYPR and New York Pneumatic Railway) is the name given to the abandoned subway line running beneath New York City, found by the Ghostbusters after uncovering one of its air-shafts on First Avenue.

Details about the Pneumatic Transit system are scarce, save that it was constructed c.1870 and then abandoned for unknown purposes. Only one station on the system is seen, called Van Horne, which lies beneath First Avenue, and can be accessed via an air shaft from the surface or via a service tunnel leading from the modern subway system. No other stations are mentioned or seen.
Van Horne and the entire Pneumatic Transit system were constructed in the 1870s by inventor Alfred Ely Beach, and was referred to as the New York Pneumatic Rail Road (NYPRR).

The air-shaft opened by the Ghostbusters bore these initials on a man-hole cover covering up the shaft. Egon Spengler explains to Peter Venkman it was an experimental subway system that was to use fan-forced air-trains,

trains blown along the tunnels by gigantic fans, and that the line was an experiment in providing a new, novel means of mass transit.
Ray Stantz noted to himself the NYPRR was a shortline railroad in use before the subways. Shortlines are small to mid-sized and are used to link up two industries, interchange traffic with a larger railroad, and tourist transportation.

The River of Slime
For unexplained reasons, the system was not a success and was subsequently abandoned, its tunnels being sealed up and forgotten by the outside world.
Sometime after the First World War,

the Cult of Gozer created Psychomagnotheric Slime, which somehow flooded the abandoned subway tunnels and began flowing steadily through them, leading towards the Manhattan Museum of Art to provide power to Gozer but it was later used by the spirit of Vigo,

whose spirit was residing in a painting there.
Exactly how the slime first entered the tunnels, or whether the subway once had a station close to the museum, is never explained.

More Info Here https://ghostbusters.fandom.com/wiki/New_York_Pneumatic_Railroad
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1 year ago
The build, and the Render looks awesome!!! Did you use Mecabricks to do the Render? Or did you use some other external software, like, Blender for example.
1 year ago
just mecabricks. i used a light with power at 8 but thanks Lego_Lover
1 year ago
Thanks for the info! And also, you’re welcome!
1 year ago
COOL! I’ll check it out!
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