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Ariel with Flounder
Published 2 years ago
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Here's part of a Little Mermaid display I am building! Ariel is 2.709 feet tall (32.504 inches) and she and Flounder have a combined total of 9637 bricks. Ariel will have metal beams inside her body to connect her to a metal base, and beams in her hair and arm to make sure they don't break. Flounder will be hanging with fishing line connected to the top of the display once it is finished. What other stuff should I make?
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2 years ago
This is a very impressive model you could make a giant kai minifigure next?
2 years ago
Very nice shapes. How many pieces in this model?
2 years ago
I believe it says 9637 in the description I think...
2 years ago
Terrific build!

How did you design it? Have you used some 3d modeling software to help get the shape right?
2 years ago
Hope you can share some photos of the real display when it will be built.
2 years ago
@JmanBricks I can definitely consider that!
@pebble I used multiple programs to help get the shape, although it does take a lot of modifying by hand to make it look really good.
@Scrubs thank you!!! There’s 9637 bricks if I remember correctly, I will definitely share photos once it’s done, I’m actually building the pinkie pie model that I posted earlier right now, so I’ll definitely share photos of that too once it’s done
2 years ago
is there any chance you could open the editer ?
2 years ago
I probably won’t for the models I don’t plan on selling instructions for. Models that I am selling or have instructions for sale I probably will open the editor for them
2 years ago
Ok cool I totally understand that XD
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