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School for Magical Creatures: Chapter IX Part 2
Published 10 months ago
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This week I made 2 shorter chapters of two different stories, this is when the students went to explore the portals. Part 1 will be about Grupnog's aftermath and his family. Part 2 will be about Charles and Ivy finding something while traveling and exploring.

Ivy and Charles were walking together in a forest dimension where there were many purple trees as the ground was made from yellow bricks. It was summer and many of the trees' leaves became pink.

Charles: Isn't it amazing! This is my second favorite dimension we have been in today!

Ivy: Let me guess, the first place is the one with the chocolate river, waffle houses ones.

Charles: Yes.

They walked as they felt someone behind them. Ivy looked around.

Ivy: I feel someone is behind.

Charles turned around but did not see anyone.

Charles: Do not worry Ivy, it is only me and you. I cannot believe how beautiful is this forest! I wonder what did Grupnog, Karmod and Flappy found.

Ivy: Something is off.

A Giant pink cat jumped on Charles as he was trying to reach his sword to get red guardian. Ivy tried to use plants to defend herself but her powers did not work in that dimension, and the cat got her too. Next to the cat, there was a girl. The cat held them both.

Lila: Yes, and this is why you are here, who are you, and who sent you.

Ivy: Who do you think you are?

Lila: Answer the question wings!

Charles: I am Charles, she is Ivy. Mr. Maack sent us to explore. If you do not know h-

Lila: Uncle Maack?

Ivy: Do you know him?

Lila: I am his niece, so yeah. How do you two know him?

Ivy: We are his students.

Lila: I want to meet him.

Charles: Oh, yeah! We just found a new student! Which is Mr. Maack's niece! With a giant cat!

Lila: Actually, this is a size-shifting-pink-cat.

Charles: Awesome!

Ivy: I guess you can come with us, we probably have a few more dimensions to go to.

Lila: Great! I did not see Mr. Maack since he stole the stone.

The three of them walked into the next dimensions. Charles and Ivy not knowing what Lila's secret is, and how dangerous she can be.
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