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Trireme Heavy Transport
Published 10 months ago
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Triremes are ubiquitous on Hades, serving as shuttles and cargo transports for the planet's floating Forge-cities and mining-barges.

When Hades rides to war, these large grav-vehicals are fitted with advanced sheild generators, armor plating, and Vox-hailers that blare Mechanicus battle-cant over even the loudest of combat. Entire squads of Volcanii crowd their shielded decks, firing volleys at anything nearby as the craft rockets across the battlefield on roaring turbines.

when the enemy crowds close, crewmen armed with Galvatinc Spears- long-handled polearms that can both function as electrical arc-cutters and fire short-ranged bolts of lighting- keep the vessels from being boarded while fearless Volcanii hurl themselves over the sides of the ship to engage the enemy.

if even that is not enough, the Trireme possess a single weapon of last resort: the Thunderclap Ram. Effectively a massive Power Weapon fitted to the prow of the craft, Thunderclap Rams can rend even a mighty Knight to pieces if allowed to impact. For Enemies and allies alike, few sights are as awe-inspiring as a line of Triremes roaring towards the enemy with their ramming-heads surrounded by crackling auras of active Power Feilds even as the Volcanii upon their decks roar in time with the battle-cants blasting from their Vox-hailers.

If ever there was a single vehicle to be considered iconic to Forge Hades, The Trireme would be the one chosen by anyone.
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