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My Animation Studio
Published 4 months ago
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I was inspired to make this after seeing everyone's story rooms that they created for SnapStudios Mecabricks stories project.

This appears in my logo on my brand new YouTube channel!!

(This isn't quite accurate to life because in real life, my room is a LOT messier
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4 months ago
Nice! I might make my own ‘animation studio’!
4 months ago
@MrBrick thanks!
@InterBrick Thanks! and that would be awesome! be sure to post a link on here if you do
4 months ago
And totally feel you man, my desk has a bunch of headless minifigs all over it XD
4 months ago
Mine has a couple Probuilder sets (ik that those are technically Mega bloks not LEGOs but they're basically identical), several cameras, a printer, a casset tape deck for analog to digital transfers, and anything else I threw on it
4 months ago
Woah that’s a lot of stuff

My desk has me and my bros sketch books, a whole bunch of chapter books, markers, a lamp and some cameras as well!
And if you don’t mind me asking what kind of cameras do you have?(I love cameras)
4 months ago
Well I love cameras too, but unfortunately I don't have the money for nice cameras. (that's one thing I love about animation you don't have to pay thousands for a nice camera!) I just have a couple of Canon Powershots. My friend has a really nice Canon Rebel T7i and that's what I use now when I do my live action videos. I also have a Sony camcorder which is a better video camera than my canon Powershots. what kind of cameras do you have?
3 months ago

Well, I used to collect mostly older cameras (Including: a Honeywell Pentax Spotmatic F, an old Olympus and a Kodak vigilant six-20).and then a few years ago I started looking into newer cameras.
Buuut, like you said, they were all more then a thousand dollars

So I waited and watched... (XD I think this is a wee bit dramatic) ..And then one day, after I had saved up $$$ I came across the canon m50*....

And well, let’s just say it’s an awesome camera!
The END.

3 months ago
Yeah, it’s pretty awesome!

Cool render btw!!
3 months ago
Did you use MecaFace for the render?
3 months ago
Nice! Is it easy to use?
3 months ago
Yeah! pretty soon I'm going to make a tutorial on how to use it and post it to my channel but for a basic summary, you can manually adjust all of the features and you can add lines, change colors of different lines on the face, and it comes with a built in pose library with all sorts of facial expressions and lib sync options.
3 months ago
That’s really cool, I have been playing around with Blender, and was wondering if it’s worth buying.
3 months ago
I think that it is... if you're planning on doing Blender LEGO animations. because the other option is to draw each facial pose by hand which is a huuuuuge waste of time, or not animate the faces at all (which I personally don't care for all that much) however, if you don't really have any plans to create LEGO animations yet, than it might not be the best use of your money at this point.

but for me, YES!! it was worth it! just the simple facial animation you see in my logo only took about a minute to animate whereas if I drew each frame by hand after I rendered it, it would have taken me several days.
3 months ago
Is it good for creating custom Minifigure Heads?
3 months ago
Honestly I'm not sure because I'm still relatively new to MecaFace. if you mean for characters that you plan on animating then yes because you can add more lines to create custom faces, if you mean to create custom heads that you could then post on Mecabricks than no because Blender can't upload to Mecabricks. for that type of thing I edit an existing texture on Mecabricks using Pixelmator Pro (which is not a free app, but if you want a free one than I think you could use gimp for that process as well)
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