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06.8 - Rabbit with a Gun
Published 3 months ago
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06.8 - Rabbit with a Gun

[Project |0]
[All Chapters Are Found Here: https://mecabricks.com/en/models/xov7DXG6a0D ]

“I think we’re almost there!” JetBlade exclaimed. The number of processors they saw increased. A pained yell echoed through the hallways. JetBlade and Cakery were just about to turn around the next corner when the orange figure materialized out of thin air, his sword extended.
“Uh… I’ll deal with him! You go and get ConnorLEGO to safety,” Cakery suggested.
“Alright,” JetBlade said, and ran off with ConnorLEGO. Surprisingly the orange figure didn’t try to stop him, and just continued practicing his death glare on Cakery. Cakery was just about to charge at him, when he vanished, just like that. Cakery froze, thinking the orange figure was about to chase after JetBlade. He had just opened his mouth, the first letter or his warning rising up in his throat when something hit him hard in the head. Cakery had almost recovered his balance when the second punch hit him. Cakery fell on the ground, still confused about what was happening. There was a short pause, in which Cakery ordered his thoughts. Just as he was about to get up, something slammed into his chest. Not even a crack appeared in his armor, but Cakery did feel the pain.

JetBlade turned around the corner, and was shocked to see the scene before him unfold. A black figure was holding a sword, elegantly and quietly swinging it, so that the rest of the group looked clumsy in comparison. LoganLin and General_Veers were laying on the floor, Duckduckguz holding a sniped and aiming for the black figure, but never getting a chance to shoot. ZekarLegoWarrior, BrickGuy, SuperPup1 and BlueFlame56 were attacking, but in comparison to the black figure it looked more reckless and violently swinging, with a sword. Happy097 had two guns in each hand and was repeatedly shooting at the black figure, but never hitting him. FireBlade28 was standing next to the two injured, protecting them with a sword, and would defend them whenever the black figure got near them. JetBlade jogged a few steps before dropping ConnorLEGO, and went on to a full sprint. He extended his gun, and jumped into the battle. The others stopped attacking, scared to hit JetBlade, and were unable to look away from the battle. BlackBlade swung his sword vertically, trying to hit JetBlade’s head. JetBlade blocked the sword with his right forearm, and pushed it away. Then he aimed his gun at BlackBlade’s head. BlackBlade was able to redirect his sword, just in time to hit JetBlade’s gun, so that the projectile missed his head. JetBlade had almost dropped the gun, but regained a better grip. Before he could react, BlackBlade had circled him and was about to strike him from behind. JetBlade turned around and pointed his gun at BlackBlade yet again. BlackBlade started out with a vertical slash, but then changed it midair to a horizontal one, while sliding to the side, to avoid JetBlade’s gun. JetBlade, who was expecting a vertical slash, had raised his arm above his head, and was thrown off balance when the sword hit him from the side. BlackBlade grabbed JetBlade’s arm and pulled him towards himself. JetBlade fell on the floor, his side hurting. BlackBlade was about to swing his sword, when Duckduckguz hit him in the back. Before BlackBlade could turn around and see who had shot, JetBlade grabbed his leg and pulled violently, causing BlackBlade to lose balance. Just as they thought he was about to fall, he regained his balance, and threw his sword toward Duckduckguz. Duckduckguz, surprised, was only able to dodge the sword by luck. BlackBlade, without a sword now, focused on JetBlade again, only to find a gun staring right back at him.
“Sleep tight,” he said, and fired. The laser didn’t do any damage to BlackBlade’s helmet. Chuckling quickly spread through the hallways, rattling all of their bones. JetBlade just smiled back and dropped his gun. Then he took out two new guns, both bigger than the last one. Before BlackBlade realized what would happen, JetBlade shot multiple times. BlackBlade was knocked back, and by the 18th time JetBlade shot, BlackBlade was lying unconscious on the floor, a big crack in his helmet.

[End of 06.8]

Note: 3 models in 1 day
I haven't done that in a while
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3 months ago
WizardBuilds1 - Thanks!!
3 months ago
Fireblade28 - Thank you!!
3 months ago
this is a really vivid chapter!
(I can see it clearly in my head, and it's awesome!)
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