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The Ice Emperor's Corrupted Form ( Fanmade)
Published 7 months ago
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( fast forward backstory)

Meanwhile back at the Ice fortress, The Empress of Light fights the cruel ruler in the hopes to escape. She screeches in rage and lashes out at him with a stolen sword. He stumbles back in shock. His prisoner somehow escaped the dungeon's metal bars. The prisoner continued to swipe the blade towards him. Thinking fast, the Ice Emperor dodges and slashes his staff against her exposed back. She gasps in pain then whipped around in fury. " Enough of this!" Suddenly, a ball of light flashed in the palm of her hand and hurled strait towards him. Pain scorched his chest as the energy consumed him. Will he perish of this defeat? No...

Instantly, the Ice Emperor retreated into the darkness and grasped his face. He was beyond in pain. The Empress stood in horror as two bright eyes glowed in the darkness.

" What have you done?" A demonic voice rumbled. The ruler took a pace back away from the throne. Moonlight beamed through a window making a clear outline of the Ice ruler. But something was wrong with him. Beyond wrong. As the ice Emperor slowly emerged from the throne, the prisoner had to hold back a scream.

The ice emperor had harvested her power and turned into a white beast.

The lion.

Oh boy this model nearly made me go crazy! I added my own version of the Ice Emperors corrupted form! This is going into my Masked Three story!
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7 months ago
Awesome job!

Also I like the story!
14 models | 1.2k views
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