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Baseball Is Back
Published 2 months ago
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Baseball, one of the many blessings that we enjoy, has been locked down like everything else... and we've missed it. We have missed hearing the crack of the bat, the pop of a ball firmly strike the catchers glove, and the debatable call of an umpire. However, we shall miss this no more. Baseball is back. Though we may have a shorter season, decorated with a few changes, it is still back. The players are eager to play, and we are eager to watch. Wellcome back baseball, and may the best team win.

#ForTheH baseball
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2 months ago
Not exactly sure it's the best idea in the current situation but what am I gonna do about it?

Guessing your an Astros fan, I'm a Red Sox fan myself
2 months ago
@MrBrick ...I'm not totally sure what your referencing... but I would have several guesses...
and yes, I'm a BIG ASTROS fan
I'm Ok with the Red Sox, they beat the Yanks by a LOOONG shot in my book
2 months ago



2 months ago
Nats for the win. And @MrBrick, baseball is perfect right about now
2 months ago
@Kidblogr.com Do you read the news?
2 months ago
@MrBrick. I assume your referring to the whole cheating ordeal... (note that I am NOT mad at you through this
I use exclamation marks to show my... um passion... I don't get mad at friends...) I hate going into this topic... because most people don't understand it... You see, in order to understand the deal... AS IT REALLY WAS... you have to read the investigators report. The news spreads propaganda like CRAZY! I am so frustrated at how many ASTROS fans don't even know what happened. I actually, have not read it myself... so I'm kinda a hypocrite... but I have talked with people who looked it over, and watched interviews where it was discussed. I'll end it there... but as a final note... ALTUVE DID NOT CHEAT! I don't care what it may look like... the guy DID NOT CHEAT! In fact, he was like the only guy who verbally stood up against it. The, "don't rip off my shirt," can be explained away more logically than the accusation... not counting that the investigators found ZERO evidence for them cheating that year... make sense? Probably not... but oh well... I'm just hoping people will move forward...
2 months ago
@MrBrick Yes xD
People have nothing to do
And according to statistics, well, nothing is gonna happen.
2 months ago
@MrBrick Ooooh! My mistake! I didn't realize that both phrases on your comment weren't linked together... I will respond later... with info...

P.S. We may differ in opinions... so just take note of that...
2 months ago
Are you kidding me? Astros really? Let’s Go Nats baby. 2019 World Series champs
2 months ago
@LegoBuilder1111 Congrats on your win... your team played a whopper of a WS. It was a really great series, I had a blast following the games. Oh, and congrats on how your team has played tonight 16 runs!
2 months ago
I went to 2 of the we games in dc. Game 4 and 5
2 months ago
@LegoBuilder1111 Thats neat... I've actually never been to a playoff game... though... I did go and see Garret Cole get his 300th strikeout last year, that was also our 100th win of the season. A few other things happened, but those were the major highlights. Very memorable game.
1 month ago
LOL!!!! OK KidBlogr
point taken
but not accepted
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