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What are the current UV maps for minifigure part decorations? I have all of the official Mecabricks UV maps on my computer, I just need to know what the file names are.

From my understanding, I think these might be the current UV maps:
Head: 3626v2uv2.png
Torso: 3814uv.png
Left Arm: 981uv.png
Right Arm: 981uv.png
Leg Connector: 3815UV.png
Left Leg: 3817uv2.png
Right Leg: 3817uv2.png

I'm not fully sure since some of the UV maps (head, arms, leg connector, and legs) do not match up with some of the official Mecabricks decorations. My main reason for asking this question is that I had made a bendy minifigure and I am trying to create UV maps for it that match the official Mecabricks UV maps. That way, if I want to use an official texture, I just insert it into an image texture node in Blender.

Bendy Minifigure - Version 1.0.
(This is the former version without UV maps. I have been updating the asset with the proper uv maps.)
15 Apr 2018, 13:56
Edited 15 Apr 2018, 13:57
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This is a bit more complicated than this for minifigs as there are multiple moulds existing and I also improved the maps over time. To summarize, the maps that shall be used nowadays are:

- Solid Stud (70s and 80s): 3626v3uv (front projection)
- Blocked Open Stud (90s up to ~2012): 3626uv3 (front projection) (unwrapped cylinder), 3626UV2 (unwrapped cylinder) - (3626UV shall not be used)
- Stud Recessed (from ~2012): 3626v2uv2 (front projection - same as 3626uv3), 3626v2uv2 (unwrapped cylinder - same as 3626UV2)

- 3814uv - (973UV shall not be used)

Arms - Standard and Dual Moulded
- 3818v2uv (Side projection), 3818v2uv2 (unwrapped) - (3818uv shall not be used)
- 3819v2uv (Side projection), 3819v2uv2 (unwrapped) - (3819uv shall not be used)

- 3815uv2 - (3815UV shall not be used)

Legs - Standard
- 3816uv3 - (3816UV and 3816uv2 shall not be used)
- 3817uv3 - (3817UV and 3817uv2 shall not be used)

Legs - Dual Moulded
- 20932uv
- 20926uv
15 Apr 2018, 21:35
Edited 15 Apr 2018, 21:37
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@Scrubs Thank you!
15 Apr 2018, 22:06
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